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All abstracts by Nicklaus Waber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Pore-Water Chemistry in Clays and Shales: Methods and Applications
Mazurek M, Waber HN & Oyama T

(2012) Origin and Evolution of Reactive and Noble Gases Dissolved in Porewater of Low-Permeable Crystalline Rocks
Eichinger F, Waber HN & Smellie JAT

(2009) Geochemical Processes in Carbonate and Silicate-Dominated Reservoirs of Deep Geothermal Systems: Insights from Coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Chemical Modeling
Alt-Epping P, Diamond LW & Waber HN

(2008) Chemical and Isotopic Characterisation of Highly Saline Sedimentary Pore Water
Koroleva M, Waber N & de Haller A

(2008) Noble Gas Measurements in Pore Water from Sedimentary Rocks
Latoui K, Villa I, Mazurek M & Waber N

(2007) Helium Isotope Signatures in Rocks, Minerals, and Related Groundwater: Residence Time of He in a Sandstone – Shale Interlayering (Molasse Basin, N. Switzerland)
Tolstikhin I, Waber N, Loosli HH, Kamensky I, Skiba VI & Novokov D

(2007) Large-Scale Matrix Diffusion in Crystalline Rocks Revealed by Natural Cl, δ18O and δ2H Tracers in Pore Water
Waber N, Gimmi T & Smellie J

(2006) Mobility of long-lived U-series radionuclides at an interface between claystone hosting old reducing pore water and an aquifer carrying young meteoric water
Pekala M, Kramers J & Waber N

(2005) Uranium Series Disequilibrium in the Opalinus Clay – A Way to Assess the Effective Diffusion Coefficient for U-234
Pekala M, Kramers J & Waber N

(2002) Residence Time of Helium Isotopes in Sediments and Related Groundwaters, Molasse Basin, Northern Switzerland
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Gannibal M, Tarakanov S, Lehmann BE & Waber HN

(2002) Core Infiltration Experiment and Modelling of Reactive Transport of high-Ph Solution in Clay Stone
Mader UK, Adler M, Steefel CI, Waber HN & Traber D

(2000) The Role of Multicomponent Cation Exchange and Dedolomitisation in Argillaceous Rock at Conditions of High-Ph
Adler M, Mäder UK & Waber HN

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