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All abstracts by Ján Veizer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) The Phanerozoic δ<sup>88/86</sup>Sr Record of Seawater: New Constraints on Past Changes in Oceanic Carbonate Fluxes
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Wallmann K, Böhm F, Fietzke J, Liebetrau V, Krabbenhöft A, Farkaš J, Tomašovŷch A, Raddatz J & Veizer J

(2012) Isotopic Constraints on Water and Carbon Fluxes in Langat Basin, Peninsular Malaysia: A Reconnaissance Study
Syakir M, Clark I & Veizer J

(2012) Marine Carbonate Burial Rates at the Phanerozoic Mass Extinctions
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Bohm F, Fietzke J, Wallmann K, Liebetrau V, Farkas J, Tomasovych A & Veizer J

(2012) Analysis of Carbon Cycling within a Malaysian Watershed
Lee K, Veizer J & Clark I

(2011) The Paleozoic δ88/86Sr-Seawater Record – Quantifying Carbonate Production Rates at Mass Extinction Events
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Fietzke J, Krabbenhöft A, Liebetrau V, Farkas J & Veizer J

(2009) δ88/86Sr Record of Phanerozoic Marine Carbonates
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Krabbenhöft A, Farkas J & Veizer J

(2009) Carbon-, Sulphur- and Strontium-Isotope Trends of High- and Low-Latitude Permian Brachiopods
Korte C, Brand U, Strauss H & Veizer J

(2008) A Multi-Proxy Perspective on Isotope Evolution of Phanerozoic Seawater
Farkaš J, Jacobsen S & Veizer J

(2008) Biospheric Coupling of Terrestrial Water and Carbon Fluxes: Implications for the Climate System
Veizer J & Ferguson PR

(2006) Dissolved inorganic carbon and sulfur isotopic compositions in the Alakananda-Bhagirathi rivers in Himalayas
Chakrapani GJ, Veizer J & Schulte U

(2006) Paleoclimates, Ocean Depth, and the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Seawater
Kasting J, Howard T, Wallmann K, Veizer J, Shields G & Jaffres J

(2005) Latitudinal Gradient in <$f"Symbol">d<$f"Times-Roman"><+>18<$>O of Permian Brachiopods
Korte C, Brand U, Dickins J, Mertmann D & Veizer J

(2004) The Chemical Inhomogeneity of Brachiopod Shell Calcite – A Spatial High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Investigation
Griesshaber E, Pettke T, Job R, Veizer J & Schmahl W

(2004) Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Ranges in Modern and Ancient Brachiopods
Korte C, Erika G, Schmahl W & Veizer J

(2002) D18O of Permian and Triassic Brachiopods: Implications for Coeval Seawater and Paleotemperatures
Korte C, Jasper T, Kozur HW & Veizer J

(2001) Four Billion Years of Carbon Cycle: What’s in It for Us?
Veizer J

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