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All abstracts by John W. Valley in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Fast Pathways of Exchange
Valley J & Blum T

(2018) Trace Element Clustering in Jack Hills Zircons: New Results and Future Directions
Blum T, Peng Z, Stephenson L, Schweinar K, Chanmuang Nasdala C, Cavosie A, Gault B & Valley J

(2018) Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga
Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T

(2018) Not-So-Shocking Results from the Jack Hills: An EBSD Survey of 10, 000 Zircon Grains for Shock Deformation
Cox M, Cavosie A, Bland P, Reddy S & Valley J

(2018) Large δ18O and δ13C Zonations in Diagenetic Dolomites of the Bakken Formation, Middle Member
Denny A, Śliwiński M, Orland I & Valley J

(2018) Questioning the Biogenicity of Neoproterozoic Superheavy Pyrite
Cui H, Kitajima K, Spicuzza M, Fournelle J, Denny A, Ishida A, Zhang F & Valley J

(2017) Measuring Seasonal Hydroclimate Dynamics in Speleothems
Orland I, Edwards L, Bar-Matthews M, Kozdon R, Cheng H, Ayalon A & Valley J

(2017) Finding Toba: Traces in a Borneo Stalagmite
Carolin S, Orland I, Cobb K, Adkins J, Valley J, Webb S, Edwards N, Pyle D, Mosselmans F & Geraki T

(2017) Isotope Microanalyses of 2.72 Ga Organic Matter: Metabolism Versus Diagenesis Versus Matrix Effects
Lepot K, Williford K, Philippot P, Thomazo C, Ushikubo T, Kitajima K & Valley JW

(2016) Detrital Jack Hills Zircon-Quartz δ18O Analysis Tests Alteration of Zircon and Zircon Inclusions
Cameron E, Valley J, Ortiz-Cordero D, Kitajima K & Cavosie A

(2016) Improved Matrix Correction of δ18O Analysis by SIMS for Pyralspite and Cr-pyrope Garnets
Kitajima K, Strickland A, Spicuzza MJ, Tenner TJ & Valley JW

(2016) Hf-O Isotope Signature for Zircons in the Taitao Granite: Geochemical Constraints on Slab-Melting
Suzuki K, Iizuka T, Kitajima K, Valley JW, Sawaki Y, Hattori K, Hirata T & Anma R

(2016) Micron-Scale Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Metabasalt Zircon: A Robust History of Crustal Fluid Flow during Crustal Growth
Bowman J, Hilber M, Moser D, Valley J, Mazdab F & Wooden J

(2016) Sensativity and Uncertainty in Nanoscale Geochronology by Atom Probe Tomography
Blum T, Reinhard D, Chen Y, Prosa T, Larson D & Valley J

(2016) Radiation Damage, APT and Pb Mobility in Zircon: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Valley J, Blum T, Reinhard D, Larson D, Prosa T & Kelly T

(2015) Light δ18O Zircon Xenocrysts from the Deep Crust of the Great Basin, North American Cordillera
Gottlieb ES, Miller EL, Valley JW & Kitajima K

(2015) Consistent Occurrence of Moderately Elevated δ18O Magmas in Acasta Gneiss Complex from 4.0 to 3.5 Ga
Ushikubo T, Iizuka T, Spicuzza MJ & Valley JW

(2015) Oxygen Isotope Ratio of Zircons from the Taitao Granite: Implications for Slab-Melting
Suzuki K, Kitajima K, Valley JW, Sawaki Y, Hattori K, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2015) Natural High-Temperature Metamorphic Calcite as Compositionally Homogenous Microanalytical Standard?
Muller W, Valley JW, Warter V, Kozdon R, Evans D & Orland IJ

(2015) Maturity of Archean Sandstones & Ancient Detrial Zircons
Valley J, Spicuzza M, Cammack J, Kitajima K, Kita N & Van Kranendonk M

(2014) Lunar Zircons
Valley J, Spicuzza M & Ushikubo T

(2014) Burial Temperatures and δ18O-zoning in Diagenetic Cements of the Eau Claire Fm., Illinois Basin (U.S.A.)
Sliwinski M, Kitajima K, Kozdon R, Hyodo A & Valley J

(2014) δ18O of Mid-Miocene Rhyolites Associated with Steens Flood Basalts
Mallis J, Mahood G & Valley J

(2014) Oxygen Isotope Thermometry of Quartz Inclusions in Garnet
Quinn R, Kitajima K, Nakashima D, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2014) What is the Source of Sulfur in Arc Magmas? Ion Microprobe Sulfur Isotopic Data on Anhydrite from Yanacocha and Pinatubo
Dilles J, Chambefort I, Valley J, Kozdon R & Rye R

(2014) High δ18O Oceanic Crust-Derived Diorites in the High-K Quartz Monzonite Tavares Batholith, Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Valley J, Sial A, Pessoa R & Spicuzza M

(2014) Early Earth
Valley J

(2013) B and O Isotopes as Tracers of Serpentinization along Fossil Oceanic Detachments, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Elisha B, Katzir Y, Abelson M, Agostini S, Valley J & Spikuzza M

(2013) Tomography at Single-Atom Scale of 207Pb and 206Pb in a 4374 Ma Zircon
Valley J, Ushikubo T, Cavosie A, Reinhard D, Lawrence D, Martin I, Larson D, Clifton P, Kelly T, Wilde S, Moser D & Spicuzza M

(2013) Formation of the IIE Non Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Van Roosbroek N, Debaille V, Goderis S, Valley J, Spicuzza M & Claeys P

(2013) Coupled Isotopic and Textural Evidence for the Biogenicity of 3.4 Gyrs Old Cell-Like Structures
Lepot K, Williford KH, Ushikubo T, Sugitani K, Mimura K, Spicuzza MJ & Valley JW

(2013) Oxygen Isotope Exchange (Dis)equilibrium at the Grain-Size Scale in Metamorphic Rocks
Ferry J, Kitajima K & Valley J

(2012) SIMS Carbon Isotope Analysis of Proterozoic Microfossils
Williford K, Ushikubo T, Schopf JW, Lepot K, Kitajima K & Valley J

(2012) Micron-Scale Intrashell S18O Variation in Cultured Planktic Foraminifers
Vetter L, Kozdon R, Mora C, Eggins S, Valley J, Hoenisch B & Spero H

(2012) Reconstructing Impact Basins from ex situ Shocked Zircon
Cavosie AJ, Radovan HA, Moser DE, Barker I, Wooden J, Kitajima K & Valley JW

(2012) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Zircon
Valley J

(2012) U-Pb Age Zoning in Titanite by SIMS: New Criteria for Preservation
Bonamici C, Kozdon R, Fanning M & Valley J

(2011) Lunar Zircon: Primitive δ18O of Dry Evolved and Mafic Magmas
Valley J, Spicuzza M & Ushikubo T

(2011) Transitional Oxygenation Recorded in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Williford K, Van Kranendonk M, Ushikubo T, Kozdon R & Valley J

(2011) In situ δ18O and Mg/Ca Analyses of Diagenetic and Foraminiferal Calcite: Implications for Paleoceanographic Proxy Records
Kozdon R, Kelly C, Kitajima K, Strickland A & Valley J

(2011) Isotopically-Zoned Zircons: Records of Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Valley J, Wooden J, Kita N & Mazdab F

(2011) In situ O & Si Isotopic Microanalysis of Diagenetic Cements: Basin Brines vs. Weathering, Low vs. High T
Pollington A, Kozdon R, Kitajima K, Strickland A & Valley J

(2011) δ18O Zoning in Eclogite Garnet
Russell A, Kitajima K, Strickland A, Medaris Jr. LG, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2011) The Origin of Naxos Migmatites: SIMS U-Pb and O Isotope Analysis of Zircon
Katzir Y, Be'eri-Shlevin Y, Wooden J, Valley J, Kitajima K & Grimes C

(2010) Sr Isotopes in Banded Iron Formation Carbonates: Disequilibrium with Ancient Seawater
Ludois J, Heimann A, Johnson C, Beard B, Valley J, Roden E, Spicuzza M & Beukes N

(2010) Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Zonation in Shear Zone Garnet: Evidence for Open System Exchange
Andrews M, Baxter E, Pollington A, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2010) Cryptic Metasomatism during Exhumation of Franciscan Eclogite and Hornblendite Revealed by in situ δ18O Analysis of Garnets
Page FZ, Essene EJ, Kita NT & Valley JW

(2010) Evolving Conditions of Quartz Cementation: In situ Microanalysis of δ18O Across Single Overgrowths
Pollington A, Kozdon R, Kita N & Valley J

(2010) Preservation vs. Alteration of Zircon Pb, O Isotope and Trace Elements Following 80 Ma of Lower Crustal Metamorphism, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Wooden J, Valley J & Kita N

(2010) Magmatic Zircons: Evolution of δ18O Through Time – Revisited in situ
Valley J

(2010) Silician Magnetite from the Dales Gorge Banded Iron Formation
Huberty J, Konishi H, Fournelle J, Heck P, Valley J & Xu H

(2010) Geochemical Evidence for Crustal Assimilation at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Wanless D, Perfit M, Ridley WI, Klein E, Wallace P, Valley J & Grimes C

(2010) Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Speleothems as a Source of Sub-Annual-Resolution Climate Records
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Kita N & Valley J

(2010) Recent Progress of Small Spot Oxygen Isotope Analysis at WiscSIMS
Ushikubo T, Kita NT & Valley JW

(2010) Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Mantle Xenoliths (Mt. Carmel, Israel): Implications for Thermometry and Sources of Alkaline Mafic Magmas
Kaminchik J, Katzir Y, Spicuzza MJ, Valley JW & Segev A

(2010) Improvement of SIMS Oxygen Isotope Analyses on Magnetite
Kita NT, Huberty JM & Valley JW

(2010) Eel Larvae may Hatch in the Surface Layer Near the West Mariana Ridge: Ion Microprobe δ18O Analysis with 7 μm Spatial Resolution in Glass Eel Otoliths
Shirai K, Otake T, Kuroki M, Ushikubo T, Kita N, Amano Y, Tsukamoto K & Valley J

(2010) Analysis of Nano-Porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone Using (Ultra) Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Cole D, Rother G, Valley J & Jackson A

(2010) Low δ18O(Zrc) in Plagiogranites at Oman: Evidence for Remelting
Grimes CB, Ushikubo T & Valley JW

(2009) Non-Equilibrium Stable Isotope Partitioning in Igneous Processes?
Eiler J, Valley J & Stolper E

(2009) Oxygen Isotopic Exchange at a Contact between the Bushveld Complex and Meta-Sedimentary Rocks of the Phepane Dome
Potter R, Penniston-Dorland S & Valley J

(2009) Tracking Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust Using Zircon Isotopic (Pb, O) Zoning, Kapuskasing Uplift
Moser DE, Bowman JR, Valley JW, Wooden JL, Kita NT & Mazdab FK

(2009) The “Cool Tropic Paradox”: Reassessing Aberrant δ18O in Foraminifera by SIMS
Kozdon R, Kelly DC, Kita N & Valley J

(2009) A Fossil Oceanic Core Complex in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Field and Isotope Evidence
Katzir Y, Nuriel P, Abelson M, Valley JW, Matthews A, Spicuzza MJ & Ayalon A

(2009) Oxygen Isotopic Ratio of Ocean Zircon
Grimes C, Ushikubo T, John B & Valley J

(2009) The Role of Microbial Processes in Banded Iron Formation (BIF) Genesis as Constrained by Fe, C, and O Isotopes in BIF Carbonates
Heimann A, Johnson C, Beard B, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2009) Crystal Orientation Effects on Bias of δ18O in Magnetite by SIMS
Huberty J, Kita N, Heck P, Kozdon R, Fournelle J, Xu H & Valley J

(2009) Accurate Stable Isotope Analysis by Ion Microprobe
Valley J, Kita N, Ushikubo T, Huberty J, Kozdon R, Page Z, Heck P & Fu B

(2008) Polycrystalline Diamond Inclusions in Jack Hills Zircon: Carbonado?
Konishi H, Xu H, Spicuzza M & Valley J

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Diverse Origins of Post Pan-African A-Type Granites in Southern Israel (Arabian Nubian Shield)
Steinitz A, Katzir Y, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2008) Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for the Origin of the Boulder Batholith, Montana
Wooden J, Mazdab F, Mueller PA, Aleinikoff J, Lund K, Wiegand B, Kita N & Valley J

(2008) Imagery-Correlated High Precision Stable Isotope Analysis
Valley J, Kita N, Ushikubo T, Orland I & Kozdon R

(2008) Cathodoluminescence (CL), Isotopic (Pb, O) and Trace Element Zoning in Lower Crustal Zircon Documents Growth of Early Continental Lithosphere
Bowman J, Moser D, Wooden J, Valley J, Mazdab F & Kita N

(2008) Petrogenesis of Dacites from the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Perfit M, Schmitt AK, Ridley WI, Rubin K & Valley J

(2008) U-Pb Zircon Geochronology and Ti-in-zircon Thermometry of Large-Volume Low δ18O Magmas of the Miocene Yellowstone Hotspot
Cathey HE, Nash BP, Allen CM, Campbell IH, Valley JW & Kita N

(2008) Seasonal Climate Change as Revealed by Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Soreq Cave (Israel) Speleothems
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Kita N, Ayalon A, Matthews A & Valley J

(2008) Lithium in Jack Hills Zircon: Evidence for Extreme Weathering of Earth’s Crust at 4300 Ma
Ushikubo T, Kita NT, Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA, Rudnick RL & Valley JW

(2008) Intratest Oxygen Isotope Variability in Planktonic Foraminifera: New Insights from in situ Measurements by Ion Microprobe
Kozdon R, Ushikubo T, Kita N & Valley J

(2007) Sub-Micrometer Size High Precision Analysis of δ18O in Zircon by SIMS
Ushikubo T, Page FZ, Kita NT, Riciputi LR & Valley JW

(2007) O Isotope Exchange during the Breakdown of Dolomite: An Experimental Study
Labotka T, DeAngelis M, Cole D, Fayek M, Riciputi L, Ushikubo T, Kita N & Valley J

(2007) Sub-Micron-Scale Variations in Ti Abundance in Zircon
Hofmann AE, Cavosie AJ, Guan Y, Valley JW & Eiler JM

(2007) Fo 99.8 Olivine in Basalts: Assimilation of Meta-Serpentinites or Oxidation of Magmatic Phenocrysts?
Blondes M, Brandon M, Reiners P, Kita N, Page FZ & Valley J

(2007) Evidence of the Earliest Crust on Earth
Valley J

(2006) What have we learned from pre-4 Ga zircons ?
Valley J, Cavosie A & Wilde S

(2006) Co-variations of δ30Si and δ18O during contact metamorphism.
Georg B, Reynolds B, Valley J & Halliday A

(2006) Slow oxygen diffusion in zircon
Page FZ, Deangelis M, Fu B, Kita N, Lancaster P & Valley J

(2006) The Importance of Imaging and Correlated In Situ Analyses: Trace Elements in >4 Ga Detrital Zircons
Cavosie AJ, Valley JW & Wilde SA

(2006) Low-δ18O magmas in the Dabie-Sulu UHP metamorphic terranes (China)
Fu B, Kita NT & Valley JW

(2005) Magmatic Zircon, Titanite, and Garnet: Oxygen Isotope Disequilibrium is Good
Valley J & Lackey JS

(2005) Strontium and Oxygen Isotopic Evidence for Strike/slip Motion along the Continental Margin in the Idaho Batholith
King E, Beard B, Johnson C & Valley J

(2005) Oxygen Isotope Speedometry in the Biwabik Iron-Formation
Valaas E & Valley J

(2005) A Lower Age Limit for the Archean Based on &#948;<+>18<$>O of Detrital Zircons
Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA & Valley JW

(2005) Microanalysis of Oxygen Isotopes
Valley J & Kita N

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Zircon
Valley J

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of the Sierra Nevada Batholith, CA, USA
Valley J & Lackey J

(2004) Combined O-Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Constraints on the Diverse Origin of Atype Granites in Eastern China
Wei C, Zheng Y, Zhao Z, Valley J & Spicuzza M

(2003) Earliest Archean Magmatic Events: Insights from Detrital Zircon Studies
Cavosie A, Wilde S, Liu D & Valley J

(2002) Oxygen Isotope and U-Pb Insights into Dynamics and Longevity of Large Silicic Magma Systems
Bindeman IN & Valley JW

(2002) Zircon Evidence of the Earliest Archean Crust: 4.0-4.4 Ga
Valley JW, Cavosie A, Graham C, King E, Peck W & Wilde S

(2002) Oxygen Isotopes and Granitoid Series Characterization in the Borborema Province, Northeastern Brazil
Pinto Ferreira V, Valley J, Sial A & Spicuzza M

(2002) Oxygen Isotope Variations in Cycladic Eclogites: Assessing the Significance of Zircon Ages
Katzir Y, Bröcker M, Valley JW & Spicuzza MJ

(2002) Tracking Contamination in Felsic Magma Chambers with d18-O of Magmatic Garnet and Zircon
Lackey JS, Hinke H & Valley J

(2002) Direct U-Pb Dating of the Marcy Anorthosite, Adirondacks, NY, USA
Clechenko C, Valley J, Hamilton M, McLelland J & Bickford M

(2002) The Impact of Last Glaciation on Volcanism in n. Pacific Arcs
Ponomareva V, Bindeman I, Fournelle J & Valley J

(2002) Implications for Sources of Jack Hills Metasediments: Detrital Chromite
Cavosie A, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Wilde SA

(2001) Liquid Water in the Early Archean: Ion Microprobe Evidence from Oxygen Isotopes in 4.01 to 4.40 Ga Detrital Zircons
Peck WH, Valley JW, Wilde SA & Graham CM

(2001) Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Two Contrasting Magmatic Epidote-Bearing Granitoids from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira VP, Valley JW, Sial AN & Spicuzza MJ

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