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All abstracts by Thomas Tütken in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Influence of Bioturbation on the Re-Os Systematics of Black Shales
van Acken D, Tütken T, Daly JS & Orr PJ

(2017) Applying the Clumped Isotope Paleothermometer to Teeth from T. rex and C. Megalodon
Löffler N, Böttcher ME, Fiebig J, Tütken T & Mulch A

(2017) Assessing δ26Mg in Bioapatite as Proxy for Faunivory
Tatzel M, Vogl J, Tütken T & Rosner M

(2015) Combined δ88/86Sr and 87Sr/86Sr in Bones and Teeth: A Toolbox for Diet and Habitat Reconstruction
Tütken T, Held P, Herrmann S & Galer S

(2015) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Carbonate-Bearing Apatites: Digestion Techniques and Calibrations
Wacker U, Löffler N, Rutz T, Conrad AC, Tütken T, Böttcher ME & Fiebig J

(2013) Isotopes in Vertebrate Bioapatite: Proxies for Climate, pCO2 and Diet
Tütken T, Held P & Galer SJG

(2011) REE in Fossil Biogenic Apatite
Herwartz D, Tütken T, Jochum K-P & Sander PM

(2011) Assessing Calcium Isotopes as a Dietary Proxy for Terrestrial Vertebrates
Broska J, Tütken T, Galer SJG, Held P & Alt KW

(2010) Palaeoecological Considerations in Oligocene Vertebrates of Western Europe – C and O Stable Isotope Compositions
Scherler L, Tütken T, Vennemann T, Becker D & Berger J-P

(2010) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Bioapatite
Eagle R, Schauble E, Tripati A, Tütken T, Fricke H, Hulbert R & Eiler J

(2009) Lu-Hf Dating of Biogenic Phosphates – Prospects and Pitfalls
Herwartz D, Tütken T, Münker C & Sander PM

(2009) Nd Isotopes in Modern and Fossil Bones – Tracers for Provenance and Diagenesis
Tütken T, Vennemann T & Pfretzschner H-U

(2009) Calcium Isotope Systematics of Dinosaur Teeth
Heuser A, Tütken T & Galer S

(2008) δ44/40Ca of Fossil Bones and Teeth – Ontogenetic Versus Diagenetic Origin
Heuser A, Tütken T, Gussone N & Galer S

(2008) Concentration Profiles of Trace Elements in Fossil Dinosaur Bone
Herwartz D, Tütken T, Münker C, Sander M, Jochum K-P & Stoll B

(2008) Isotope Fingerprinting of the First Tertiary Land Mammal from Scandinavia
Tütken T & Mörs T

(2007) Bone Oxygen Isotope Profiles (SIMS, Micromill) – Implications for Archosaur Growth and Biomineralization
Tütken T, Rollion-Bard C & Sander M

(2007) Geochemistry of Fossil Bones and Teeth – Reconstruction of Past Environments
Tütken T

(2002) Late Pleistocene-Holocene Climate of Siberia Deduced from Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Mammoth and Horse Bone Phosphate
Tuetken T

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