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All abstracts by Fang-Zhen Teng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Shale Weathering in the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Accumulation of Light Mg Isotopes in Soils by Clay Mineral Transformation
Ma L, Teng F, Jin L & Brantley S

(2014) Lack of Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Magma Differentiation
Zhang H, Huang S, Teng F-Z, Helz RT & Jacobsen SB

(2013) MC-ICPMS and NRIXS: A Stereo View of Iron Isotopic Fractionation in Silicic Magmas
Dauphas N, Roskosz M, Telus M, Hu M, Alp E, Moynier F, Sio C, Tissot F, Teng F, Neuville D, Nabelek P, Craddock P, Groat L & Zhao J

(2013) Diffusion-Driven Isotopic Fractionations in Olivine in Laboratory and Natural Settings
Sio CKI, Roskosz M, Chaussidon M, Dauphas N, Mendybaev R, Richter F & Teng F-Z

(2013) Destruction of the North China Craton Induced by Ridge Subductions
Ling M, Sun W, Teng F, Li Y, Ding X, Yang X, Fan W & Xu Y

(2013) Evaporation of Mg- and Si-Rich Melts: Evolution of Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of FUN CAIs
Mendybaev R, Richter F, Teng F, Georg B & Fedkin A

(2012) Evaluating Pore Fluid Mg Isotopic and Elemental Constraints on Seawater Mg Chemistry in the Cenozoic
Fantle M & Teng F-Z

(2012) Tracing Continental Weathering Using Li and Mg Isotopes: Insights from Rivers Draining the Columbia River Basalts
Liu X-M, Rudnick R, McDonough W & Teng F-Z

(2012) LA-MC-ICPMS Iron Isotopic Measurements of Zoned Olivine
Sio CKI, Dauphas N, Teng F-Z, Chaussidon M, Helz R, Roskosz M, Xiao Y & Ireland T

(2012) Magnesium Isotopic Composition of the Lower Continental Crust: A Xenolith Perspective
Teng F-Z, Yang W & Rudnick R

(2012) The Formation of the Giant Bayan Obo REE Deposit: Constraints from Mg Isotopes
Sun W, Ling M, Liu Y, Yang X & Teng F

(2012) Constraints on the Origins of Adakites by Using Magnesium Isotopes
Ling M, Teng F & Sun W

(2011) New Insights into Mantle and Crustal Processes from High-Temperature Magnesium Isotope Fractionation
Teng F-Z, Li W-Y & Liu S-A

(2011) In situ Fe-Mg Isotopic Analysis of Zoned Olivines
Sio CK, Dauphas N, Teng F-Z, Helz R & Chaussidon M

(2010) Magnesium Isotopic Composition of A-Type Granites from NW India-Asia Collision Zone, Xinjiang, China
Ke S, Teng F-Z, Mo XX & Luo ZH

(2010) Isotopic Effects from Diffusive Transport in Zoned Metal and Olivine
Dauphas N & Teng F-Z

(2010) Diffusion-Driven Kinetic Magnesium and Iron Isotope Fractionation in Hawaiian Basalts and Olivines
Teng F-Z, Dauphas N, Huang S & Helz R

(2010) Mantle-Like Magnesium Isotopic Composition of Orogenic Eclogites from the Dabie-Sulu UHPM Belt, China
Li W-Y, Teng F-Z, Xiao Y & Huang J

(2010) Magnesium Isotopic Composition of the Moon
Sedaghatpour F & Teng F-Z

(2010) The Investigation of Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Granite Differentiation
Liu S-A, Teng F-Z, Li S-G, He Y-S & Ke S

(2007) Fluid-Rock Interactions Recorded by Kinetic Fractionation of Li Isotopes
Rudnick R, McDonough W, Teng F-Z & Marks M

(2007) The Absence of Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Basalt Differentiation
Teng F-Z, Wadhwa M, Helz R & Richter F

(2006) Diffusion-driven lithium isotope fractionation: models and implications
Teng F-Z, McDonough W & Rudnick R

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