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All abstracts by Sedigheh Taghipour in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Geology, Mineralogy and Chemistry of Apatite-Magnetite Mineralization in Se-Chahoun Hydrothermal Alteration Rocks Related to Kiruna-Type Magnetite-Apatite Ore Deposits, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S & Valizadeh SV

(2014) Cu-Pb Contamination, Using Remote Sensing; South of Kashan
Taghipour S, Farahmandian M, Afshari S & Tabatabaei H

(2014) Pectolite Genesis from Deh-Shir Ophiolite, Central Iran
Mackizadeh MA, Taghipour B & Taghipour S

(2014) Biogeochemical Studies of the Sungun Porphyry Deposit, Iran
Taghipour B, Mackizadeh MA & Taghipour S

(2011) Mineralogical and Geochemical Studies of the Metasomatic Rocks within Gachin, Kalat, Pohl and Hormuz Island Salt Plugs, Iran
Kananian A, Taghipour S, Nemati R & Mackizadeh MA

(2011) Mineralogy of the Sodic-Calcic Hydrothermal Alteration Host Rocks of the Esfordi, Choghart and Chadormalu Magnetite-Flourapatite Deposits, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S, Kananian A & Donovan J

(2010) Geology and Mineralogy of the Altered Rocks in the Choghart Deposit, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S, Kananian A & Taghipour B

(2009) Mineralogical Studies of Blue Vein Amphibole in High Zagros Salt Domes (Chaharmahal and Bakhtiary Province)
Taghipour S, Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA

(2008) Mineralogical and Petrological Studies of the Igneous-Evaporite Rocks with in Salt Domes, High Zagros, Iran
Taghipour S, Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA

(2008) Mineralogical Evidence of Advanced Argillic Alteration, Ghaleh Dar Area, in the Central Iranian Magmatic Belt
Taghipour B, Mackizadeh MA, Kasson A, Delegado Huertas A & Taghipour S

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