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All abstracts by Neil C. Sturchio in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Effect of Monovalent Cations on the Distribution of Sr2+ Adsorbed at the Mica (001)–water Interface
Lee SS, Park C, Sturchio N & Fenter P

(2020) Evolution of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Acidic Solutions in the Presence of Dissolved Metals
Kim Y, Yuan K, Abdilla B, Sturchio NC, Lee SS & Fenter P

(2014) Seasonal Variations in Nitrate Flux and Isotopic Composition in the Upper Illinois River Basin
Lin J, Huang S, Gonzalez-Meler M, Bohlke JK & Sturchio NC

(2014) Real-Time Observations of Calcite Reactivity with X-Ray Reflectivity and Microscopy
Fenter P, Laanait N, Lee SS, Zhang Z, Callagon E & Sturchio N

(2014) Exchange Kinetics of Monovalent Cations at the Muscovite (001) – Water Interface
Lee SS, Nagy K, Sturchio N & Fenter P

(2012) Noble Gas Radionuclides in Yellowstone Geothermal Gases
Sturchio NC, Yokochi R, Purtschert R, Jiang W, Yang G-M, Mueller P, Lu Z-T, Kennedy BM & Kharaka Y

(2012) Stable Isotope and Isotopomeric Constraints on N2O Production in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Bellucci F, Gonzalez-Meler M, Sturchio NC, Bohlke JK, Ostrom N & Kozak J

(2012) Structure of the Calcite (104)-Water Interface: Direct Comparison of X-Ray Reflectivity Data with Computational Results
Fenter P, Lee SS, Sturchio N & Kerisit S

(2012) First-Principles Studies of Dissolution Reactions of Orthoclase
Zapol P, He H, Tan X, Fenter P & Sturchio N

(2012) 81Kr-Dating is now Available
Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Sharma A, Bailey K, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Hu S-M, Purtschert R & Sturchio N

(2012) Distribution and Stable Isotopic Composition of ClO4- in the Atacama Desert
Jackson WA, Rao B, Bohlke JK, Hatzinger P, Sturchio N, Gu B, Davilia A & Clair M

(2012) Interaction of Pb with Calcite (104) Surface in the Presence of EDTA
Callagon E, Lee SS, Fenter P, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2011) Reaching Part-Per-Quadrillion: Detection of 39Ar in Environmental Samples Using ATTA
Lu Z-T, Bailey K, Davis A, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Purtschert R, Sturchio N, Sun Y & Williams W

(2011) Cation Adsorption at the Muscovite-Electrolyte Solution Interface
Fenter P, Lee SS, Schmidt M, Soderholm L, Wilson R, Park C, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2010) Isotopic Variation in Terrestrial Perchlorate and Associated Nitrate
Böhlke JK, Jackson WA, Hatzinger P, Sturchio N & Gu B

(2010) Understanding Natural Perchlorate Formation by Ozone and UV-Oxidation of Aqueous cl Species
Rao B, Jackson A, Bohlke JK, Hatzinger P, Gu B & Sturchio N

(2010) Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Large Metropolitan Water Reclamation Plant
Bellucci F, Carbone J, Heraty L, Sturchio N, Gonzalez-Meler M, Kozak J & O'Connor C

(2010) Imaging Interfacial Topography and Reactivity with X-Rays
Fenter P, Lee SS, Park C, Zhang Z & Sturchio N

(2010) Relation between NO3- and ClO4- Occurence in the Environment
Jackson A, Rao B, Rajagopolan S, Hatzinger P, Böhlke JK, Sturchio N, Betancourt J, Andraski B, Stonestrom D, Orris G, Eckardt F & Gu B

(2010) Aqueous-Mineral Interfaces Toward Extreme Conditions: The Potential Experimental Approaches with Synchrotron X-Ray Probe
Park C, Fenter P, Catalano J, Lee SS, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2010) Isotopic Tracing of the Origin and Transport of Perchlorate
Sturchio N, Beloso A, Bohlke J, Caffee M, Gu B, Hatzinger P, Heraty L & Jackson A

(2010) In situ Observations of Competitive Adsorption of Monovalent Ions at the Muscovite (001)-Water Interface
Lee SS, Park C, Sturchio N, Nagy K & Fenter P

(2010) Extrapolating Investigations of Ion and Molecular Adsorption at the Muscovite (001)-Water Interface to Systems in Earth, Environmental, and Materials Science
Nagy K, Lee SS, Park C, Schlegel M, Cheng L, Sturchio N & Fenter P

(2009) Imaging Cation Adsorption at Aqueous-Mineral Interfaces
Fenter P, Lee SS, Park C, Sturchio NC & Nagy KL

(2009) Noble Gas Radionuclides and ATTA in Hydrology: State of the art
Sturchio N, Yokochi R, Lu Z-T, Purtschert R, Bailey K, Cheng C, Davis A, Ding Y, Dunford R, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Williams W & Young L

(2009) 39Ar Measurements on Hydrothermal Fluids from Yellowstone National Park
Purtschert R, Yokochi R, Sturchio N, Kharaka Y & Thordsen J

(2008) 36Cl: Tracer of Perchlorate Origin?
Sturchio N, Caffee M, Bohlke J, Gu B & Hatzinger P

(2008) 81Kr Dating and 85Kr Dating
Ding Y, Lu Z-T, Davis A, Dunford R, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, Purtschert R, Sturchio N, Young L, Bailey K, O'Connor T & Yokochi R

(2006) Radiokrypton Analysis in the 21st Century: Development and Application of a Laser Atom Trap
Sturchio N, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Bailey K, O'connor T, Yokochi R & Probst P

(2006) Direct observations of ion adsorption and interfacial hydration with resonant anomalous X-ray reflectivity
Fenter P, Park C, Catalano J, Zhang Z, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2005) Resonant Anomalous X-Ray Reflectivity: A New Structural and Spectroscopic Probe of Metal Adsorption at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Park C, Fenter P, Sturchio N & Regalbuto J

(2005) Structure of Zn2+ at Rutile TiO<->2<$> (110)-Aqueous Solution Interface
Zhang Z, Fenter P, Kelly S, Catalano J, Kubicki J, Bandura A, Wesolowski D, Machesky M, Sturchio N & Bedzyk M

(2005) In situ X-Ray Reflectivity Study of the Mica-Fulvic Acid Interface
Lee SS, Nagy KL, Fenter P & Sturchio NC

(2005) Probing the Reactivity of the Dolomote-Water Interface Using High Resolution X-Ray Reflectivity
Fenter P, Zhang Z, Park C, Sturchio N, Hu X & Higgins S

(2005) Environmental Isotope Forensics of Perchlorate
Sturchio N, Bohlke J, Gu B, Horita J, Brown G & Hatzinger P

(2005) Uranyl-Calcium Coordination in Calcium Carbonate Systems
Kelly S, Brooks S, Fredrickson J, Rasbury T, Spoetl C, Sturchio N & Kemner K

(2003) Orthoclase Dissolution Mechanism at Acidic pH: New Constraints
Fenter P, Park C, Zhang Z, Cheng L & Sturchio N

(2003) X-Ray Reflectivity Study of Fluorapatite (100) – Water Interface
Park C, Fenter P, Sturchio N, Zhang Z, Cheng L & Orlandini K

(2003) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry of the Yellowstone Hydrothermal System
Sturchio N & Chan L

(2002) Residence Time of Nubian Aquifer Water, Western Desert, Egypt
Sturchio NC, Sultan M, Lu ZT, Du X, Lehmann BE & Purtschert R

(2002) A Chlorine Isotope Effect for Biochlorination
Reddy C, Drenzek N, Sturchio N, Heraty L, Butler A & Kimblin C

(2002) Direct Profiling of Atom Distributions in Mica with X-Ray Standing Waves
Cheng L, Fenter P, Bedzyk M & Sturchio N

(2002) Atomic-Scale Structure of the Quartz (10-10)- and (10-11)-Water Interfaces
Schlegel ML, Nagy KL, Fenter P & Sturchio NC

(2001) X-Ray Reflectivity of the Muscovite-Water Interface in CaCl2 and BaCl2 Solutions: Mechanism of Cation Sorption
Schlegel ML, Nagy KL, Fenter P, Cheng L & Sturchio NC

(2001) Structure of Natural Organic Matter Sorbed on Muscovite as Determined by Surface X-Ray Reflectivity
Nagy KL, Schlegel ML, Fenter P & Sturchio NC

(2001) In situ X-Ray Reflectivity Study of the Water-Muscovite (001) Interface
Cheng L, Fenter P, Schlegel ML, Nagy KL & Sturchio NC

(2001) ??Probing the Ionic Strength Dependence of Zn2+ and Sr2+ Ion Adsorption at the Rutile/Aqueous Interface Using X-Ray Standing Waves
Zhang Z, Cheng L, Fenter P, Sturchio NC, Bedzyk MJ, Machesky ML & Wesolowski DJ

(2001) In situ Synchrotron X-Ray Reflectivity Studies of Mineral Dissolution Kinetics
Sturchio NC, Fenter P & Cheng L

(2000) Alteration of Muscovite to a Mg-Clay
Nagy K, Schlegel M, Cheng L, Fenter P & Sturchio N

(2000) New Evidence of Orthoclase Dissolution Mechanisms by in situ X-Ray Reflectivity and Atomic Force Microscopy
Sturchio NC, Fenter P & Teng HH

(2000) Probing the Electrical Double-Layer Structure at the Rutile-Water Interface with X-Ray Standing Waves
Fenter P, Cheng L, Machesky ML, Bedzyk MJ & Sturchio NC

(2000) The Origin, Transport, Crustal Storage and Expulsion of CO2 Associated with Italian Thermal Springs and Travertines
Minissale A, Kerrick DM, Magro G, Rihs S & Sturchio NC

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