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All abstracts by Madlen Stockmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Radionuclide Sorption in Heterogeneous Systems: From Model Mineral Oxides to Complex Rocks
Schierz A, Stockmann M, Jordan N, Foerstendorf H, Steudtner R, Bok F & Brendler V

(2018) Consolidation of Surface Speciations by a Combined Spectroscopic and Modeling Approach
Foerstendorf H, Jordan N, Heim K, Mayordomo N, Steudtner R, Stockmann M & Lützenkirchen J

(2017) Surface Complexation Modelling: Sorption of Ni on Quartz and Orthoclase
Fricke J, Britz S, Noseck U, Biester H, Durner W, Brendler V & Stockmann M

(2017) Smart Kd-Values as Realistic Distribution Coefficients
Stockmann M, Britz S, Flügge J, Fricke J, Becker D, Noseck U & Brendler V

(2016) The Ternary Sorption System U(VI)/ phosphate/SiO2: A Consistent Surface Speciation Derived from a Multimethodological Approach
Foerstendorf H, Comarmond MJ, Heim K, Steudtner R, Stockmann M & Payne TE

(2016) Eu(III) Reactive Transport Modeling: The “smart-Kd” Appraoch
Britz S, Noseck U, Durner W, Iden S, Zachmann D, Brendler V & Stockmann M

(2013) Environmental Parameters that Determine Distribution Coefficients of Radionuclides for Repositories
Stockmann M, Brendler V, Flügge J, Britz S, Noseck U & Richter C

(2013) Titration Curves, Column Experiments, and Reactive Transport Models
Britz S, Noseck U, Stockmann M & Brendler V

(2012) Smart Kd-Concept Based on Surface Complexation Modeling
Stockmann M, Brendler V, Schikora J, Britz S, Flugge J & Noseck U

(2011) A New Methodology for an Improved Description of Radionuclide Retardation in Safety Assessments
Stockmann M, Brendler V, Schikora J, Noseck U & Flügge J

(2011) Evaluation of Surface Complexation Parameters for Eu3+ on Muscovite and Orthoclase
Britz S, Noseck U, Brendler V & Stockmann M

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