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All abstracts by Richard Stern in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Oxygen Isotopes in Kankan Super-Deep Diamond Inclusions Reveal Variable Slab-Mantle Interaction
Regier ME, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Stern RA & Harris JW

(2018) Polycrystalline Diamonds and their Mantle-Derived Mineral and Fluid Intergrowths
Jacob D, Stern R, Stachel T & Piazolo S

(2018) Generation of Early Continental Crust: A Billion Year of TTG Evolution from the Eoarchean Saglek Block, Canada
Vezinet A, Pearson DG, Thomassot E, Stern RA, Luo Y & Sarkar C

(2018) Deep Carbon Through Time: The Diamond Record
Howell D, Stachel T, Pearson G, Stern R, Nestola F, Shirey S & Harris J

(2017) Cycling of the Elements of Life within the Archean Crust-Mantle System
Tappe S, Smart K & Stern R

(2017) High Resolution Seasonal Signals in Bivalve Shells from Lake Rotorua, New Zealand
Herath D, Stern R, Jacob D, Clearwater S & Fallon S

(2017) Insights into Diamond Formation from Polycrystalline Diamond Aggregates
Jacob D, Stern R, Chapman J & Piazolo S

(2017) Fluid Induced Transition from Banded Kyanite- to Bimineralic Eclogite and Implications for the Evolution of Cratons
Sommer H, Jacob D, Stern R, Petts D, Mattey D & Pearson G

(2015) Diamond Growth in the Lithospheric Mantle: New SIMS and Raman Evidence from Zimbabwe Diamonds
Smit K, Shirey S, Steele A, Stern R & Wang W

(2015) Pyrite Re-Os Geochronology: Lessons from the Irish Orefield
Hnatyshin D, Creaser R, Wilkinson J, Stern R & Gleeson S

(2015) Eclogite Xeoliths with Subducted Oceanic Crust Signatures from the Wajrakarur Kimberlites, Southern India: Evidences from Trace Element and O Isotope Geochemistry
Dongre A, Jacob D, Stern R & Viljoen F

(2015) Paragenesis of the Anarraaq Deposit in the Red Dog Zn-Pb-Ag±Ba District, Northwestern Alaska, USA
Reynolds M, Gleeson S & Stern R

(2015) Diagenetic H2S Production Provides a Metal Trap in Carbonaceous Mudstones – In situ Microanalysis of δ34S Values in Pyrite and Barite
Magnall J, Gleeson S, Stern R & Paradis S

(2015) Deeply Subducted Carbon and Nitrogen within the Earth’s Mantle: A View from SIMS Analysis of Super Deep Diamonds from Monastery and Jagersfontein (RSA)
Palot M, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Stern RA, le Pioufle A & Harris JW

(2014) A Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation Factor between Diamond and Fluid Derived from Detailed SIMS Analysis of an Eclogitic Diamond
Petts D, Stern R, Stachel T, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2014) A Possible Magmatic Origin for Coronas in Grenville Metagabbros
Shaulis B, Heaman L & Stern R

(2014) W-Isotope Evolution of the 4.02 to 3.4 Ga-Old Acasta Gneiss Complex
Reimink J, Liu J, Pearson G, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2013) An Iceland-Like Setting for Generation of Earth’s Earliest Known Crust
Reimink J, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2013) The Oldest Zircons of Africa – Their Implications for Hadean to Archean Crust-Mantle Evolution
Zeh A, Gerdes A & Stern R

(2013) Characterisation of Baddeleyite Oxygen Isotopes and Microstructure
Davies J, Stern R, Heaman L, Moser D & Walton E

(2013) Nitrogen Isotope Systematics and Origins of Mixed-Habit Diamonds
Howell D, Stern R, Griffin W, Southworth R, Mikhail S, Stachel T, Verchovsky S, Jones A, O'Reilly S & Pearson N

(2013) Filling in the Juvenile Magmatic Gap: Evidence for Continued Paleoproterozoic Plate Tectonics during the Great Oxidation Event
Partin C, Bekker A, Sylvester P, Wodicka N, Stern R, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2012) Nature of Fluids in the Deep Mantle (>300km) Inferred from a Carbon and Nitrogen Micro-Analytical Study of a Single Ultra-Deep Diamond from Kankan, Guinea
Palot M, Pearson DG, Stern R & Stachel T

(2012) Global Oxygen Isotope Survey of Lithospheric Mantle: Implications for the Evolution of Cratonic Roots
Miskovic A, Ickert RB, Pearson DG, Stern RA, Kopylova M & Kjarsgaard B

(2012) Zircon Alteration in Archean Orthogneisses: Insights from U-Pb-Hf-O Isotopes and Trace Elements
Zeh A, Gerdes A & Stern R

(2012) Non-Gem Diamonds from the Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada: Tracers for Cratonic Mantle Metasomatism
Hunt L, Stachel T, Pearson DG, Stern R, Muehlenbachs K, Marcheggiani-Croden V & McLean H

(2012) Diamond Growth from Organic Carbon Suggested by Coupled delta18O-Delta13C Variations in Diamonds and Garnet Inclusions
Ickert R, Stachel T, Stern R & Harris J

(2012) Formation of Eclogites and Pyroxenites Below Attawapiskat, Superior Craton (Canada)
Smit KV, Stachel T, Creaser RA, DuFrane SA, Ickert RB, Stern RA & Seller M

(2012) Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt
Darling J, Moser D, Heaman L, Davis W, Stern R, O'Neil J, Carlson R & Francis D

(2011) Mixed-Habit Diamonds: Evidence of a Specific Mantle Fluid Chemistry?
Howell D, Griffin W, O'Reilly SY, O'Neill C, Pearson N, Piazolo S, Stern R, Stachel T & Nasdala L

(2011) Formation of Diamond from Oxidized Fluids/Melts: δ13C-N SIMS Study of an Eclogitic Diamond from the Jericho Kimberlite, Canada
Smart KA, Chacko T, Stachel T, Stern R & Muehlenbachs K

(2010) Zircon Oxygen Isotopes by SIMS: Performance Evaluation of the Canadian IMS1280
Stern R & Ickert R

(2010) MC-HR-SIMS Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Ferropericlase Inclusions in Diamond
Ickert R, Stern R & Stachel T

(2007) Towards Improved Accuracy of SHRIMP Zircon 207Pb-206Pb Measurements
Stern R, Kamo S, Bodorkos S, Hickman A & Corfu F

(2002) A Method of Determining Uraninite U-Pb Ages by SHRIMP II Ion Microprobe
Stern RA, Rayner N, Davis W, Amelin Y, Annesley I & Bonli T

(2001) Two Billion Years of Crustal Evolution Preserved at the Northwest Superior Craton Margin
Böhm CO, Heaman LM, Creaser RA, Corkery MT & Stern RA

(2001) Advancements in Xenotime U-Pb Geochronology by Ion Microprobe
Stern RA & Rainbird RH

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