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All abstracts by Luigi Solari in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) What Drives Arc Magma Diversity?
Straub SM, Gomez-Tuena A, Bindeman IN, Bolge LL, Brandl PA, Espinasa-Perena R, Solari L, Stuart FM, Vannucchi P & Zellmer GF

(2014) Detrital Provenance of the Grenvillian Oaxacan Complex, Southern Mexico: A U-Pb and Hf Zircon Perspective
Solari L, Ortega-Gutiérrez F, Ortega-Obregón C & Elías-Herrera M

(2014) Petrogenesis of Basement Rocks in the Southern Chiapas Massif: Implications on the Tectonic Evolution of the Maya Block
González-Guzmán R, Weber B, Manjarrez-Juárez R, Hecht L & Solari L

(2014) In situ 230Th/U Dating of Quaternary Zircons Using LA MCICPMS
Bernal JP, Solari L, Gómez-Tuena A, Ortega C, Capra L & Mori L

(2014) Use of Compact Discrete Dynode (CDD) Detectors in a Neptune Plus MC-ICPMS for U-Pb Geochronology: Comparisons with Quadrupole Laser Ablation Data
Solari L, Bernal JP, Ortega-Obregón C & Gómez-Tuena A

(2011) Protracted History of Continental Subduction at the Southern Edge of the Maya Block, Central Guatemala: Petrological and Geochronological Evidences
Solari L, García Casco A, Lee JK & Ortega Rivera A

(2009) Fast Reduction of U-Pb Data Using R
Tanner M & Solari L

(2008) Preliminary Results from a New ELA-ICPMS: U-Pb Geochronology and Elemental Analysis
Bernal J-P, Solari L, Gómez-Tuena A, Pérez-Arvizu O, Gabay C, Miller P & Shelley M

(2006) Improved precision in isotope and element ratio measurements by quadrupole-based ICP-MS
Mora-Palomino L, Solari L, Lounejeva E & Bernal JP

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