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All abstracts by Wolfgang Siebel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) The Halogen (F, Cl, Br) Budget of Continental Granitoid Plutonic Rocks
Teiber H, Marks M, Wenzel T, Siebel W, Altherr R & Markl G

(2011) Eruptive History and Chemical Evolution of the Acigöl Volcanic Field, Central Anatolia, Turkey, Based on Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr-Nd-Pb, δ18O) Constraints and Ion Microprobe Zircon Analysis
Siebel W, Schmitt A, Danisik M, Aydin F & Kiemele E

(2011) Provenance of Early Sedimentary Sequences in the Tethyan Yunnan, SW China: Age and Hf Isotope of Early Archean Zircons
Chen F, Liu B-X, Li S-Q & Siebel W

(2011) Geochronological and Thermochronological Evolution of the Southern Gaoligongshan Metamorphic Belt, Yunnan (China)
Eroglu S, Siebel W, Danisik M, Pfänder J & Chen F

(2011) Late Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Songliao Basin, NE China: Evidence from Detrital Zircon Ages and Sr-Nd Isotopes
Li S, Chen F, Zhu X & Siebel W

(2009) Magmatic Evolution of the Northwestern Edge of Tauride- Anatolide Platform: Geochronological and Isotopic Implications
Hasozbek A, Satir M, Erdogan B, Akay E & Siebel W

(2009) Kazdag Massif (NW Turkey): Metamorphic Equivalent of the Mesozoic Platform of Sakarya Continent
Erdogan B, Akay E, Hasozbek A, Satir M & Siebel W

(2008) Element and Isotope Compositions of Variscan S-Type Granites Reflect Different Basement Domains
Siebel W, Shang C, Reitter E & Taubald H

(2007) The Age of the Danube Fault, 40 Years after W. Schreyer
Siebel W, Hann H, Berthold C, Shang C, Rohrmüller J & Wemmer K

(2004) Timing of Mylonitization along the Bavarian Pfahl Zone, Bohemian Massif: Implications from U-Pb and Pb-Pb Radiometric Ages
Siebel W, Chen F, Blaha U, Rohrmueller J & Shang C

(2004) Early Paleozoic Magmatism in the Baoshan-Tengchong Block of the Tethyan Yunnan, China
Chen F, Siebel W & Guo J

(2004) Tectonic Evolution of the Central Higher Himalayan Crystallines in the Kharta Area, Southern Tibet: New Constraints from Geochronological Data
Liu Y, Siebel W, Massonne H & Xiao X

(2003) Extremely Low D/H Ratios of Amphiboles from Alkaline Syenite Complexes: Implications for the Genesis of Alkaline to Peralkaline Magmas or Problems with Mineral-Water Fractionations?
Vennemann T, Marks M, Siebel W, Markl G & Potter J

(2002) Geochemistra and Zircon Ages of Variscan S-Type Granites from the Western Bohemian Massif
Siebel W, Chen F & Satir M

(2002) Provenance of Low-Grade Metamorphic Terrains of the Dabie UHP Collisional Zone, Central China
Chen F, Guo J-H, Siebel W & Satir M

(2002) Geochemical and Geochronological Investigations of TTG Rocks from the Ntem Complex, Congo Craton and Implications for Post Magmatic Evolution
Shang CK, Siebel W, Satir M, Nsifa EN, Taubald H & Chen F

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