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All abstracts by Osamu Seki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Evidence for Decoupling of Climate and Carbonaceous Aerosol over the Past 160 kyrs
Honda H, Seki O, Ono K & Iizuka Y

(2020) Variations of the North and South Pacific Subtropical Gyres over the Past 400 kyrs
Furukawa K & Seki O

(2016) Cooling of Deep Southern Ocean in the Late Miocene
Horikawa K, Kawanishi R, Seki O, Okazaki Y & Onodera J

(2015) Evidence for Coulpling of Climate and CO2 during the Late Neogene Cooling
Seki O, Schmidt D, Mackensen A, Kawamura K & Pancost R

(2014) δ13C Records of Diploptene in the California Sediments over the Past 25 kyr
Nakakuni M, Seki O, Yamamoto S & Ishiwatari R

(2011) Behavior of Biological and Terrigenous Elements during the Late Cenozoic in the Bering Sea: Paleoceanographic Constraints of the IODP Exp. 323 Sediments by High Resolution Non-Destructive TATSCAN Scanning
Sakamoto T, Sakai S, Takahashi K, Mic AC, Asahi H, Ikehara M, Okada M, Ijiri A, Onodera J, Okazaki Y, Horikawa K, Seki O & Aoki K

(2009) PCO2 and Climate – Evidence from Boron Based Proxies of pH and pCO2
Foster G, Seki O, Pancost R & Schmidt D

(2005) Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Long-Chain N-Alkanes in the Doro River Basin, Hokkaido Island, Japan
Seki O, Nakatsuka T, Shibata H & Kawamura K

(2003) Biomarker Flux in Sinking Particle from the Sea of Okhotsk: Comparison between Organic and Inorganic Tracers
Seki O, Yoshikawa C, Fujimune T, Nakatsuka T, Kawamura K & Okada H

(2002) Reconstruction of Paleoproductivity in the Sea of Okhotsk over the Last 30 kyrs
Kawamura K, Seki O, Ikehara M, Ohnishi K, Nakatsuka T & Narita H

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