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All abstracts by Lorenz Schwark in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Multi-Proxy Characterisation of Metalliferous Shales of the Kupferschiefer Deposit
Pages A, Tulipani S, Walshe J, Grice K, Ruebsam W, Plet C, Vuleta S, Woltering M, Pejcic B & Schwark L

(2017) Heterocyst Glycolipids: A Tool to Investigate the Importance of Cyanobacterial N2 Fixation in the Global Nitrogen Cycle
Bauersachs T, Russell J & Schwark L

(2016) Preservation and Evolution of Life Across Oceanic Anoxic Events
Grice K, Plet C, Melendez I, Lengger S & Schwark L

(2014) Organics in Orogenic Gold Systems: Characterisation of Organic Matter Associated with Gold (Au) Deposits
Robert A, Grotheer H, Lockhart R, Greenwood P, McCuaig C, Jaraula C, Grice K, Bagas L & Schwark L

(2014) Biogeochemical Influences on Uranium Speciation in the Mulga Rock Sedimentary Uranium Ore Deposit, Western Australia
Cumberland S, Jaraula C, Grice K, Douglas G, Evans K, McCuaig C, Schwark L, Curtain R, Rubanov S, de Jonge M, Howard D & Moreau J

(2014) Radiolytic Alteration of Biopolymers in the Mulga Rock Uranium Deposit
Jaraula CM, Schwark L, Moreau X, Pickel W, Bagas L & Grice K

(2013) A New Conceptional Model: Reconstruction of Freshwater Incursions in Stratified Marine Paleoenvironments in Late Devonian Extinctions
Tulipani S, Grice K, Greenwood P, Schwark L & Summons R

(2008) Air Particulate Biomonitoring in the Greater Cologne Area, Germany
Schwark L & Lehndorff E

(2007) Integrated Air Quality Assessment – A Synthesis of Elemental and Organic Air Pollution Indicators
Schwark L & Lehndorff E

(2007) Integrated Air Quality Assessment – Accumulation, Transport, and Source Recognition of PAH
Lehndorff E, Urbat M & Schwark L

(2007) Influences of Thermal Degradation on Lipid Composition of Crop Plant Biomass
Wiesenberg GLB & Schwark L

(2007) Integrated Air Quality Assessment – PM0.1 to PM10 Magnetic Particles
Urbat M, Lehndorff E & Schwark L

(2007) Integrated Air Quality Assessment – Pine Needle δ13C, δ15N as Proxy for Atmospheric CO2 and NOx Loads
Flenker U, Hülsemann F, Lehndorff E & Schwark L

(2007) Molecular and Isotopic Study of Acidic Metabolites in the Deep Biosphere Employing Petroleum Reservoirs as Natural Bioreactors
Hallmann C, Grice K & Schwark L

(2002) Isotopic and Geochemical Evidence for Changes in Global Weathering during the Toarcian OAE
Cohen A, Harding S, Coe A & Schwark L

(2002) Climate Changes during and after Palaeozoic Glaciation Phases in SW-Gondwana Recorded by Multi Proxygeochemical Investigations
Scheffler K, Hoernes S & Schwark L

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