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All abstracts by Sabine Schmidt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Influence of Transient Processes on Organic Carbon Remineralization Pathways and Rates in the West Gironde Mud Patch (Bay of Biscay, Northeast Atlantic)
Dubosq N, Deflandre B, Rigaud S, Grémare A, Lamarque B, Tenorio MMB, Cordier M-A, Poirier D & Schmidt S

(2021) Early Diagenetic Processes in an Eutrophic Estuarine System: Indices of Sediment Contribution to Summer Hypoxia of the Loire?
Hulot V, Metzger E, Schmidt S, Mouret A, Deflandre B, Rigaud S, Derriennic H, Bénéteau E, Sanchez S & Maillet G

(2020) How do Sedimentation Events Trigger Geochemical Processes?
Pastor L, Zindorf M, Rooze J, Meile C, Brandily C, Schmidt S & Jouet G

(2019) Geochemistry of the Coccoliths: Proxy of Surface Water Conditions or of Resilience of Coccolithophores Facing Climate Change ?
Boye M, Sabata i Villardell N, Guéguen B, Schmidt S, Gardin S & Beaufort L

(2017) Evaluating Hypoxia Risk in the Gironde Estuary (SW France) Based on High-Frequency Monitoring
Schmidt S, Derriennic H & Lebleu P

(2013) Record of Historical Mercury Trends in Sediments from the Laguna del Plata, Córdoba, Argentina
Stupar Y, Schäfer J, García MG, Schmidt S, Piovano E, Blanc G, Huneau F & Le Coustumer P

(2012) Assessing the Effect of Macrobenthos Diversity on the Mineralisation of Sediment Organic Matter
Gremare A, Deflandre B, Schmidt S, Maire O, Romero-Ramirez A, Metzger E, Viollier E, Cesbron F, Labrune C, Amouroux JM, Lecroart P, Duchene JC, Poirier D, Coste L & Bichon S

(2012) The Tracer-Dependence of Biodiffusion Coefficients
Lecroart P, Maire O, Schmidt S, Gremare A, Anschutz P & Meysman F

(2009) Combining Short-Lived Radionuclides and an Erosion Model to Understand Present-Day Sediment Transfer in a Small Mountain Catchment (French Pyrenées)
Schmidt S, Condom T & Coynel A

(2007) Short-Lived Naturally Occurring Radioisotopes (234Th, 7Be, 210Pb) as a Tracer for Particle Transport in the Gironde Fluvial-Estuarine System (France)
Saari H-K, Schmidt S & Blanc G

(2007) Residence Time of Suspended Particles in the Dordogne River: Indications Derived from 7Be and 210Pb
Lanoux A, Schmidt S, Etcheber H, Condom T & Saari H-K

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