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All abstracts by Ivan P. Savov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Re-Os-PGE Systematics of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc-Basin System
Savov I, Dale C, Yang A, Hickey-Vargas R & Exp.351 SP

(2015) Cerium Isotope Systematics in the Mariana Arc-Basin System
Bellot N, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Pin C, Savov I, Plank T & Elliott T

(2013) Sub-Arc δ11B: The Introduction of Boron Isotope Heterogeneity into the Convecting Mantle
Harvey J, Garrido C, Agostini S, Padron-Navarta J-A, Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino V, Savov I & Marchesi C

(2013) Boron Isotopes in Boninites from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc System: Insights into Subduction Initiation
Savov I & Agostini S

(2013) Eclogitized Serpentinites from the Rhodope Massif: Exploring the Fate of Serpentinites in the Deep Mantle
Collings D, Savov I, Bonev N & Eccles K

(2011) Serpentinization and Subsequent Metamorphism in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Peridotites from Hole 1268a, ODP Leg 209: Seawater vs. Hydrothermal Alteration
Harvey J, Savov I & Newton RJ

(2011) Tracing Deep Slab Recycling via Study of Boron Isotopes of Volcanic Rocks from Hotspot (OIB) Settings
Savov IP, Shirey S, Tonarini S, Ryan J & Hauri E

(2011) Origin of Vesuvianite-Bearing Ultramafic Layers from the Raspas Complex, Ecuador
Halama R, Savov IP, Garbe-Schönberg D & Toulkeridis T

(2011) Magmatic Processes Leading to Explosive Mafic Eruptions of Volcán de Colima, Mexico
Crummy J, Savov I, Morgan D, Navarro-Ochoa C, Wilson M & Loughlin S

(2009) Recognizing the Forearc (Serpentinite) Component in Volcanic Arc Magmas
Ryan J & Savov I

(2009) B and B Isotopic Composition of Mariana Trough Basalt Glasses: Implications for Mantle Sources
Savov I, Shirey S, Hauri E & Shaw A

(2008) Li and B Isotopes as Tracers for Crust/Mantle vs. Slab Influences in Western Mexico
Ryan J, Savov I & Shirey S

(2008) B- and Li-Rich Fluid Pulses in the Mariana Mantle Wedge
Pabst S, Zack T & Savov IP

(2007) Li-Sr-Lu-Hf Isotope and Trace Element Systematics of Eclogites from Bulgaria
Savov I, Bizimis M, Halama R, Shirey S, Hauri E & Haydoutov I

(2007) In situ Geochemical Data from Metamorphic Rocks in the Active Mariana Subduction Zone
Pabst S, Zack T, Savov I, Rost D & Vicenzi E

(2002) Geochemistry of Serpentinites from the S.Chamorro Seamount, ODP Leg 195, Site 1200, Mariana Forearc- Iimplications For Recycling at Subduction Zones
Savov I, Ryan J, Chan L, D?Antonio M, Mottl M & Fryer P

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