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All abstracts by Sarah Saslow in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Visualizing Technetium Incorporation within Iron Oxides Through Mineral Transformation
Wang G, Olszta M, Saslow S, Kim D-S, Bowden M, Um W, Wang J & Kruger A

(2019) Kinetics of Co-mingled 99Tc and Cr(VI) Removal from Nuclear Waste Streams Using Fe(OH)2(s)
Saslow S, Um W, Pearce C, Bowden M, Lukens W, Kim D-S, Schweiger M & Kruger A

(2019) First-Principles Investigations into Iodide and Iodate Incorporation Mechanism into Ettringite
Guo B, Xiong Y, Cheng W, Saslow S, Dabo I & Sasaki K

(2019) 99Tc Sequestration Using Nickel-Doped Iron Spinel
Wang G, Kim D-S, Um W, Bowden M, Olszta M, Saslow S, Riley B, Wang J, Schreiber D & Kruger A

(2019) Impact of Ettringite Kinetics and Mineralogy on Tc-99 and I-129 Immobilization in Cementious Waste Forms
Gillispie E, Avalos N & Saslow S

(2018) Understanding Tc-99 Immobilization Pathways by Ettringite Formation in Cementitious Waste Forms
Saslow S, Asmussen RM, Corkhill C, Smith G & Peterson R

(2018) Historical Overview of the Leaching Performance of Cementitious Waste Forms Used in Performance and Risk Assessments at the Hanford Site
Asmussen M, Westsik J, Saslow S, Serne J, Smith G & Bacon D

(2011) Speciation of Trivalent Metal Ions at the Silica/Water Interface Studied by Second Harmonic Generation
Jordan D, Saslow S & Geiger F

(2010) Partitioning Behavior at Pressure in the Fe-S System
Chabot N, McDonough W, Saslow S, Ash R, Draper D, Jones J & Agee C

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