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All abstracts by Ursula Salmon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) A Process-Based Model for Iron Mineral Transformation
Jamieson J, Carr J, Sun J, Salmon U, Siade A, Rathi B & Prommer H

(2017) Constraining Flow and Reactive Transport Models with Environmental Tracer Data
Prommer H, Wallis I, Underwood S, Salmon U, McCallum J, Adam S & Rolf K

(2015) Modelling 14C Groundwater Age: Investigating Spatial Resolution Requirements and Impacts of Carbon Reactions
Salmon U & Prommer H

(2014) Modeling of Iron Mineral Transformations and Arsenic Fate Under Sulfate Reducing Conditions
Carr J, Prommer H & Salmon U

(2011) Modifying the Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Technique for the Geochemical Exploration of Gold
Lucas A, Rate A, Salmon U & Zhang H

(2007) The Role of Iron Redox Cycling for the Natural Acidification of Ground Water
Peiffer S, Oldham C, Salmon U & Küsel K

(2007) Coupled Biological, Geochemical and Physical Processes in Acidic Mine Lakes: Model Development and Application
Salmon U, Oldham C & Hipsey M

(2004) Mineral Weathering Rates in Sulphidic Mill Tailings: Do Rate Laws for Monomineralic Samples Apply?
Malmström M & Salmon U

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