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All abstracts by Jeffrey G. Ryan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Isotopic Constraints on Magma Source Evolution during Subduction Initiation: IODP 352 (Izu-Bonin Forearc)
Li H-Y, Prytulak J, Taylor R, Kirchenbaur M, Pearce J & Ryan J

(2017) Chemistry of Slab-Derived Fluids in the Mariana Forearc
Menzies CD, Ryan JG, Price RE, Sissmann O, Wheat CG & Expedition 366 Science Party I

(2017) Compositional Variability in Serpentinite Solids, IODP Expedition 366: Insights into a Developing Subduction Channel
Ryan J, Johnston R, Menzies C, Price R, Sissman O, Fryer P & Wheat G

(2017) Leveraging Remote Instrument Operation Technologies to Bring Real Research Experiences into Undergraduate Geoscience Courses
Ryan J, MacDonald J, Hickey-Vargas R, Beck M, Vidito C & Ricchezza V

(2016) Volcanic Glasses from Exp. 352 Cores
Reagan M, Brounce M, Almeev R, Shimizu K, Ryan J & Pearce J

(2016) Isotopic Constraints on Subduction Initiation and Evolution: IODP Exp. 352 (Bonin Forearc)
Prytulak J, Li H, Taylor R, Godard M, Ryan J, Mangler M, Shervais J, Reagan M & Pearce J

(2015) Fluid-Mobile Element Characterization of Early Subduction Zone Magmatism
Ryan J

(2015) Discrimination of Subduction Components with B and Be Systematics in the Aeolian Island Arc, Italy
Zamboni D, Gazel E, Cannatelli C, Atlas ZD, Lucchi F, De Vivo B & Ryan JG

(2011) Tracing Deep Slab Recycling via Study of Boron Isotopes of Volcanic Rocks from Hotspot (OIB) Settings
Savov IP, Shirey S, Tonarini S, Ryan J & Hauri E

(2011) Post-Collisional Magmatism during Variscan Orogeny: The Furcatura Pluton (Danubian Domain, Romanian Southern Carpathians)
Stremtan CC, Ryan J, Atudorei V & Cherata I

(2010) Integrating Microbeam Research Instrumentation into the Classroom to Teach Mineralogy and Petrology: Outcomes
Ryan J

(2009) Recognizing the Forearc (Serpentinite) Component in Volcanic Arc Magmas
Ryan J & Savov I

(2008) Li and B Isotopes as Tracers for Crust/Mantle vs. Slab Influences in Western Mexico
Ryan J, Savov I & Shirey S

(2008) Coupled Li and B Isotope Variations in Aegean-Western Anatolia Arc Lavas: Evidences for ╬┤7Li Fractionation in Subducted Slabs
Agostini S, Ryan JG, Tonarini S & Innocenti F

(2007) Tracking Subduction Zone Fluxes off Slabs, Across Arcs, and into the Mantle: B-Li Isotopic Evidence
Ryan J

(2006) Drying and dying of a subducted slab: Li and B isotopes in Western Anatolia Cenozoic Volcanism
Agostini S, Tonarini S, Ryan JG & Innocenti F

(2002) Geochemistry of Serpentinites from the S.Chamorro Seamount, ODP Leg 195, Site 1200, Mariana Forearc- Iimplications For Recycling at Subduction Zones
Savov I, Ryan J, Chan L, D?Antonio M, Mottl M & Fryer P

(2001) Water in the Shergotty Magma, and Implications for Outgassing and Magma Fractionation on Mars
McSween Jr. HY, Grove TL, Lentz RCF, Dann JC, Riciputi LR & Ryan JG

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