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All abstracts by Tracy Rushmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Calc-Alkaline Magmatism and the Origin of the Earth’s First Continental Crust
Adam J, Wellhäuser A, Firth C, Rushmer T, Turner S, Davidson A, Cronin S & Wörner G

(2023) Constraining Andesitic Magma Storage and Evolution at White Island (Whakaari) Volcano, New Zealand: Insights from Experimental and Rhyolite-Melts Modelling Results
Jiang W-C, Turner S, Adam J, Rushmer T & Cronin S

(2023) Are Vertically Extensive Magmatic Systems Realistic? A Cautionary Tale About Geobarometers
Firth C, Adam J, Davidson A, Turner S, Rushmer T & Cronin S

(2022) Petrological Evolution of Mt Taranaki, New Zealand
Adam J, Rushmer T, Turner S & Cronin S

(2021) Is Fe-Ni Alloy in Ordinary Chondrites Formed by Precursors Partial Melting?
Florin G, Alard O, Luais B & Rushmer T

(2021) Sn Isotopes of Bjurböle (LL4) Chondrules and Matrix: Implications for Complementarity and Chondrule Thermal Processing
Mirolo F, Rushmer T & Creech J

(2021) Zr Solubility in Silicate Melts: Insights from X-Ray Absorption Studies at High Pressure and Temperature with Implications for Mantle Zircon
Farmer N, Rushmer T, Burnham A & Wykes J

(2021) Mo Isotope Systematics of the Solander and Little Solander Adakitic Rocks
Bezard R, Rushmer T, Turner S, Schoenberg R, Messling N & Willbold M

(2020) In situ XAS Measurement of Zr, U and Th in Silicate Melts Using the D-Dia Facility at the Australian Synchrotron
Rushmer T, Farmer N, Wykes J & Mallmann G

(2019) Adakite-Like Potassic Magmatism and Crust-Mantle Interaction in a Postcollisional Setting: An Experimental Study of Melting beneath the Tibetan Plateau
Wang X, Zhang J, Rushmer T, Adam J, Turner S & Xu W

(2019) A New Titanium Excess Phase Saturation Thermometer for Silicate Melts with Implications for Conditions of Archean Crust Formation
Wellhäuser A, Rushmer T, Adam J, Wörner G & Turner S

(2019) Testing Chondrules Using Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes
Mirolo F, Rushmer T & Creech J

(2019) The Use of the Volcanic Rock Record to Document Changes in the Earth's Thermal and Tectonic History
Adam J, Wellhauser A & Rushmer T

(2019) Metal Formation in Ordinary Chondrite
Florin G, Alard O, Luais B & Rushmer T

(2018) Constraints on P-T Conditions of TTG Suite Formation
Wellhäuser A, Rushmer T, Adam J, Wörner G & Turner S

(2017) Changes in Clinopyroxene Crystal Structure and Chemistry as Functions of Pressure, Temperature, and Dissolved H2O Concentrations in Coexisting Basanitic Melts: Implications for Thermobarometry and the Compositions of Near-Solidus Mantle Melts
Adam J, Oberti R, Camara F, Green T & Rushmer T

(2017) Germanium Isotopic Variations in Metals in H Chondrites: Implications for Metal-Silicate Segregation
Florin G, Luais B & Rushmer T

(2017) Liquids at Extreme Conditions: An in situ High-Pressure and Temperature Study of Element Speciation in Silicate Melts via Synchrotron Radiation
Rushmer T, Wykes J & Mallmann G

(2017) Titanium Isotopes as a New Tool to Fingerprint the Tectonic Setting of Continent Formation?
Millet M-A, Smithies H, Champion D, Rushmer T, Macpherson C & Willbold M

(2016) Stable Isotope Labelling as a Tool to Investigate Mineral-Fluid Interaction
Kilburn M, Fiorentini M, Piazolo S, Rushmer T, Reddy S, Martin L & Jeon H

(2015) Making New Felsic Crust in Primitive Arc Settings: Contrasting Case Studies
Rushmer T, Foley F, Brens R, Adam J & Turner S

(2015) The Genesis of Silicic Magmas in Shallow Crustal Cold Zones
Adam J, Turner S & Rushmer T

(2013) Origin of Earth’s Earliest Continental Crust: A Combination of Partial Melting and Fractional Crystallization?
Rushmer T & Adam J

(2013) Mass Transfer of Fluids and Metals in the Deep Earth
Locmelis M, Fiorentini M, Rushmer T, Adam J, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Turner M & Turner S

(2013) Lithium Isotopic Composition of the Tonga-Kermadec Arc and its Constraints on Subduction Recycling
Brens R, Liu X, Rudnick R, Tuner S & Rushmer T

(2012) Origin of Silicic Magmas in the Primitive, Intra-Oceanic Tongan Arc
Rushmer T, Turner S, Caufield J, Turner M, Cronin S & Smith I

(2011) Hadean Greenstones and the Origin of the Earth’s Early Continental Crust
Adam J, Rushmer T, O'Neil J & Francis D

(2011) A Complex Network Analysis of Growth and Mixing Dynamics in Natural Metal-Silicate Systems
Rushmer T, Tordesillas A & Walker D

(2009) Petrogenesis of TTG Magmatism: Generating Chemical Diversity in Different Tectonic Settings
Rushmer T

(2009) Shallow Slab Melting at the Start of Western Pacific Subduction: Geochemical and Experimental Evidence
Pearce J, Peate D & Rushmer T

(2008) Distribution of Pt, Os, Ir during Liquid Metal Segregation Under Extremely Reducing Conditions
Rushmer T

(2006) Deformation-assisted core formation
Rushmer T, Petford N & Humayun M

(2006) Generating large volumes of TTG arc crust: An experimental study
Rushmer T, Gestinger A & Jackson M

(2002) Siderophile Elements in Dynamically Segregated Metallic Liquids
Rushmer T, Humayun M & Campbell A

(2002) Tonalite Generation in Arc Regimes: Results from Metadiorite Partial Melting Experiments
Antignano Iv A & Rushmer T

(2001) Geochemical Signatures of Rapid Melt Extraction
Rushmer T, Antignano Iv A & Brearley A

(2001) Core Formation Under Dynamic Conditions: Physical Processes and Geochemical Signatures
Rushmer T, Gaetani G, Jones JH & Sparks J

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