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All abstracts by James Ranville in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Incidental Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Characteristics and Stability during Remediation of a Mining-Impacted Stream
Rand L & Ranville J

(2018) Quantity and Form of Natural and Engineered TiO2 Present in Outdoor Concrete Weathering Experiments
Challis K, Lankone R, Fairbrother H, Kennedy A & Ranville J

(2018) Resources for Teaching Nanoscience Across the Geoscience Curriculum
Mogk D, Hochella M, Ranville J & Bruckner M

(2016) Investigation of the Paris City Contribution to CeO2NPs and TiO2NPs in the Seine River by spICPMS and FEG-Sem Imaging
Phalyvong K, Sivry Y, Pauwels H, G├ęlabert A, Cordier L, Wille G, Bourrat X, Ranville JF & Benedetti MF

(2014) Arsenic Chronospeciation in a Biostimulated Aquifer
Hobson C, Williams K, Ranville J & Stucker V

(2014) Following Environmental Transformations of Metal-Containing Nanoparticles: Addressing Analytical Challenges
Ranville J, Montano M, Mitrano D & Higgins C

(2014) Use of Elemental Composition to Quantify Engineered Nanoparticles in Environmental Samples
Montano M, Ranville J, Lowry G & Bediei H

(2013) Detection of Engineered Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in the Environment
von der Kammer F, Neubauer E, Reed R, Ranville J & Hofmann T

(2010) Characterizing Soil Organic Matter in a Biostimulated Aquifer and Zones of Natural Bioreduction
Dangelmayr M, Figueroa L & Ranville J

(2009) Advanced Methods to Characterize Nanomaterials for Environmental Toxicity Studies
Ranville J, Pace H, Lesher E & Lee BT

(2009) Uranium Partitioning to Nanoparticulate Phases: Measurements with Fl FFF-ICP-MS
Lesher E, Ranville J & Honeyman B

(2005) Quantifing Uranium Complexation in Groundwater DOC Using Coupled Detection Methods
Reszat T, Hendry J & Ranville J

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