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All abstracts by Herbert Palme in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Depletion of Titanium in the Mantle of the Earth
Palme H, O'Neill HSC & Siebert J

(2021) The Al/Si Ratio: Sub-Solar in Enstatite Chondrites but Supra-Solar in the Earth – A Plausible Explanation
Morbidelli A, Libourel G, Rubie D, Palme H & Jacobson SA

(2017) Meteorites and the Composition of Earth
Palme H & Zipfel J

(2016) Evolution of Sulfur Concentrations in Magma Oceans during Earth’s Accretion
Rubie D, Laurenz V, Jacobson S, Morbidelli A, Palme H, Vogel A & Frost D

(2015) Melt-Gas Interaction in the Protoplanetary Disk
Hezel DC, Friend P, Mucerschi D & Palme H

(2015) High Temperatures in the Solar Nebula: Evidence from Chondrules and Matrix
Friend P, Hezel DC, Barrat J-A, Zipfel J & Palme H

(2015) Trace Elements in Chondritic Meteorites
Palme H

(2015) The Hadean Matte, Magma Ocean Solidification and Earth’s Late Veneer
Rubie D, Laurenz V, Jacobson S, Morbidelli A, Palme H & Frost D

(2013) Formation of Chondritic Meteorites
Palme H

(2013) The Dependence of Siderophile Element Partitioning on Pressure, Temperature, fO2 and S-Content
Vogel AK, Rubie DC, Frost DJ, Audétat A & Palme H

(2013) The Chemical Composition of the Earth
Palme H & O'Neill HSC

(2012) Is the Bulk Earth Nb/Ta Chondritic?
Munker C, Stracke A, Bendel V, Palme H & Pack A

(2011) Oxygen Isotope Variations in the Allende CV3 Meteorite
Goldmann A, Pack A, Gellissen M, Albrecht N, Zipfel J & Palme H

(2011) Core Formation in the Earth and the Terrestrial Planets
Rubie D, Frost D, O'Brien D, Nimmo F, Morbidelli A & Palme H

(2011) The Partitioning of Volatile Elements between Metal and Silicate at High Pressures and Temperatures
Vogel AK, Rubie DC, Frost DJ & Palme H

(2011) T and fO2 Guided, Gas Phase Mediated Na and K Exchange between Silicate Melt Drops
Gellissen M, Holzheid A, Kegler P & Palme H

(2010) Fractionated Refractory Elements in the Allende Meteorite
Stracke A, Palme H, Gellissen M, Kleine T, Bourdon B, Birbaum K, Geunther D & Zipfel J

(2009) Fractionated Highly Siderophile Elements in Fertile Mantle Xenoliths
Palme H, Witt-Eickschen G & Walker R

(2009) Terrestrial Core Formation: Constraints from Copper Partitioning
Kegler P, Holzheid A, McCammon C, Rubie D & Palme H

(2008) Hafnium-Tungsten Chronometry of Lunar Differentiation
Kleine T, Touboul M, Bourdon B, Palme H & Wieler R

(2008) Collisional Erosion and the Non-Chondritic Composition of the Earth
O'Neill H & Palme H

(2007) The Abundances of Nominally Chalcophile Trace Elements in the Main Minerals of Upper Mantle Rocks
Witt-Eickschen G, Palme H, O'Neill HSC & Allen CM

(2007) Hf-W Constraints on the Formation and Differentiation of the Moon
Touboul M, Kleine T, Bourdon B, Palme H & Wieler R

(2007) NWA 2999, an Angrite with Unusual Bulk Chemistry or a New Type of Achondrite?
Gellissen M, Palme H, Korotev R & Irving A

(2007) Neutron Capture-Induced 150Sm Anomalies in IAB Iron Meteorites and Winonaites
Schulz T, Upadhyay D, Mezger K, Münker C & Palme H

(2007) Hf-W Chronometry of Chondrites
Palme H, Kleine T, Zipfel J, Gellissen M & Schönbeck T

(2006) Meteorites as Building Blocks of Terrestrial Planets
Palme H

(2004) 182Hf-182W Dating of the Thermal Metamorphism of Eucrites
Kleine T, Mezger K, Palme H & Münker C

(2004) The 182W Record of Earth’s Accretion and Core Formation
Mezger K, Kleine T, Palme H & Münker C

(2003) Evidence for Collisional Erosion of the Earth
Palme H, O’Neill H & Benz W

(2002) Revised Hf-W Ages for Core Formation in Planetary Bodies
Kleine T, Münker C, Mezger K, Palme H & Bischoff A

(2002) The Formation of Meteoritic Basalts: Constraints from Metal-Silicate Partition Coefficients
Holzheid A, Holzheid A & Palme H

(2002) Oxygen Isotopic Heterogeneity Among Eucrites
Wiechert U, Halliday AN, Palme H & Rumbel Iii D

(2002) Meteorites and the Composition of the Earth
Palme H & O'Neill H

(2000) Evidence of Silicate Liquid Immiscibility in the Early Proterozoic Andesitic Rock, Dongargarh Supergroup, Central India and Possible Tectonic Implication
Sensarma S, Palme H, Deloule E & Mukhopadhyay D

(2000) Solubility of Germanium in Silicate Melts and its Significance for Core Formation in the Earth
Holzheid A & Palme H

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