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All abstracts by Yasumasa Ogawa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Effect of Hydrous Ferric and Aluminum Oxides for Transport of As, Cd and Pb in the Rivers Acidicied by the Kusatsu Thermal Waters in Japan
Ogawa Y, Ishiyama D, Đorđievski S, Petrovic J & Milivojevic M

(2018) Spatial Distribution and Mobility of Elements in River Water and River Bed Sediments from Eastern Serbia
Đorđievski S, Ishiyama D, Ogawa Y & Stevanović Z

(2018) The Fate of Heavy Metals in Acidic Rivers and Sedimentation Mechanism
Ogawa Y, Ishiyama D, Đorđievski S, Saini-Eidukat B, Wood S & Gammons C

(2017) Transport and Speciation of Trace Metals in Tama – Omono River System in Akita Prefecture, Japan
Pham QM, Ishiyama D, Ogawa Y & Fukuyama M

(2013) The Transport of Toxic Elements in River Affected by Acid Thermal Water and Effect of Dam Against Elemental Distributions
Ogawa Y, Ishiyama D, Shikazono N & Tsuchiya N

(2011) Geochemical Behavior of As Originated from Acidic Thermal Water during River Transport and Sedimentation Mechanism
Ogawa Y, Shikazono N, Iwane K, Takahashi Y, Suto K & Inoue C

(2011) Experimental Study on As and Cd Releases from Anoxic Sedimenary Rock Under Anoxic and Aerobic Conditions
Masuda S, Ogawa Y, Suto K & Inoue C

(2009) Geochemical Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Downstream of Polluted Tsurumi River Water and Sediments
Mohiuddin KM, Ogawa Y & Shikazono N

(2006) Interpretation of Occurrence of Barite and Quartz in the Submarine Hydrothermal Ore Deposits in Terms of a Coupled Fluid Flow-Precipitation Kinetics Model
Shikazono N, Kawabe H & Ogawa Y

(2004) Geochemical Behavior of Rare Earth Elements in Altered Rocks in Kuroko Mining Area
Shikazono N & Ogawa Y

(2003) Several Factors Controlling the Chemical Composition of the Hydrothermal Solution in Submarine Hydrothermal System
Ogawa Y, Shikazono N, Ishiyama D, Sato H & Mizuta T

(2002) Water-Rock Reaction Experiments for Application to the Formation Mechanism of Kuroko Deposits
Ogawa Y, Shikazono N, Ishiyama D, Sato H & Mizuta T

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