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All abstracts by José Miguel Nieto Liñán in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Divalent Metal Removal from Highly Metal Polluted Acid Mine Drainage, Iberian Pyrite Belt
Macías Suárez F, Caraballo Monge MA, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora Ibañez C

(2010) Abiotic and Biotic Contribution in the Formation of Al and Si Rich Iron-Stromatolites (Tharsis, SW Spain)
Caraballo MA, Sarmiento AM, Nieto Liñán JM & Sanchez-Rodas D

(2010) Application of the Modified-BCR Sequential Extraction Procedure to the Assessment of the Anthropogenic Pollution in Contaminated Soils from the City of Huelva (SW Spain)
Guillén MT, Delgado J, Nieto Liñán JM & Caraballo MA

(2010) Zinc Removal by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria: Implications for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
Castillo Hernandez JC, Perez Lopez R, Caraballo Monge M & Nieto Liñan JM

(2009) Environmental Geochemical Mapping of Soils in the City of Huelva (SW Spain)
Guillén Herrera MT, Delgado J, Nieto Liñan JM, Albanese S, Lima A & De Vivo B

(2008) Disperse Alkaline Substrate Passive Remediation at Mina Esperanza (Iberian Pyrite Belt, SW Spain)
Caraballo Monge MA, Macías Suarez F, Rötting T, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora C

(2007) Treatment of High Metal Concentration AMD Using Dispersed Alkaline Substrate (DAS), a Novel Passive Treatment System
Caraballo Monge MA, Rötting T, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora C

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