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All abstracts by Hiromoto Nakazawa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Formation of Life’s Building Blocks by Mteorite Impacts
Furukawa Y, Nakazawa H, Sekine T, Kobayashi T & Kakegawa T

(2016) Effects of Serpentine on the Organic Synthesis in Impacts of Meteorites on the Early Ocean
Takeuchi Y, Furukawa Y, Kobayashi T, Nakazawa H, Sekine T & Kakegawa T

(2010) Stability of Amino Acids and Peptides during Diagenesis on the Early Earth
Otake T, Taniguchi T, Furukawa Y, Nakazawa H & Kakegawa T

(2009) Synthesis of Organic Molecules by Ocean Impacts on the Early Earth
Furukawa Y, Sekine T, Oba M, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2008) Prebiotic Polymerization of Amino Acids on the Early Earth: Chemical Evolution in the Hadean Oceanic Crusts
Kakegawa T, Ohara S, Ishiguro T, Abiko H & Nakazawa H

(2008) Impact Synthesis of Organic Compounds: Implication for their Mass Production on the Early Earth
Furukawa Y, Sekine T, Oba M, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2007) Catalytic Potential of Sillicate, Oxide and Sulfide Minerals for the Abiotic Polymerization of Glycine Under High Pressure and Temperature Conditions
Ohara S, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

(2007) Impact-Generated Ultrafine Particles of Olivine and Serpentine Suggesting a Source of Aerogels in the Air of the Early Earth
Furukawa Y, Kakegawa T, Sekine T & Nakazawa H

(2004) Heavy Metal Enrichment in Archean Carbon-Rich Samples: Hint to Early Carbon-Metal Compounds for Enzime Formation?
Kakegawa T, Ohtomo Y, Nakazawa H & Rosing M

(2003) High Pressure and Temperature Polymerization of Amino Acids Suggesting a Role of Depth in the Crust for Chemical Evolution
Ohara S, Kakegawa T & Nakazawa H

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