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All abstracts by Toshio Nakamura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Estimation of Paleoclimate Changes from 14C of Speleothem from the Ryugashi Cave, Central Japan
Minami M, Horikawa K & Nakamura T

(2016) Carbonaceous Aerosols Observed in Noto Peninsula: Their Source and Impact on Aerosol CCN Activity
Matsuki A, Yamada R, Kinouchi K, Miyazaki R, Iwamoto Y, Ikemori F, Minami M & Nakamura T

(2016) The Millennium Scale Monsoon Cycles Recorded in a Sediment Core from Alpine Tibetan Lake
Watanabe T, Nara FW, Matsunaka T, Minoura K, Kakegawa T, Yamasaki S, Tsuchiya N, Nakamura T, Wang J & Zhu L

(2016) An Attempt on 14C Dating and Reconstruction of Diet for Cremated Remains of Jokei, a Buddhist Monk
Mukumoto H, Minami M & Nakamura T

(2016) Large 14C Excursion in the BC55th Century
Miyake F, Masuda K, Nakamura T, Jull T, Panyushkina I & Wacker L

(2016) Atmospheric 14CO2 and Suess Effect: 14C Contents in Pine Needles Grown from 1983 to 2014 at the Higashiyama Campus, Nagoya University
Nakamura T & Minami M

(2015) Bromine, Iodine and Uranium as the Proxies of Past Biological Activity in the Lacustrine Sediment Core
Nara F, Watanabe T, Kakegawa T, Yamasaki S-I, Tsuchiya N, Nakamura T & Kawai T

(2015) Interpretation of Speleothem Calcite 14C Variations from Monitoring Drip Water 14C in the Rygashi Cave in Shizuoka, Central Japan
Minami M, Kato T, Horikawa K & Nakamura T

(2015) Sodium-Titanium Ratios in Tsunami Deposits from the Sendai Plain, the Pacific Coast of Northeastern Japan
Watanabe T, Hosoda N, Tsuchiya N, Yamasaki S-I, Nara F & Nakamura T

(2013) Millennial-Scale Wet and Dry Climate Changes during the Last Glacial Maximum in the South Siberia
Nara F, Watanabe T, Kakegawa T, Minoura K, Yamasaki S, Tsuchiya N, Nakamura T & Kawai T

(2012) Strontium, Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry from Two Hot Spring Waters in Busan Area, Korea
Lee S-G, Nakamura T, Kim T-K, Yoon YY, Ohta T, Lee T & Kim HC

(2011) Geochemical Significance of 14C, 3H, ╬┤18O, ╬┤2H and 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Data in the Hot Spring Waters of South Korea
Lee S-G, Nakamura T, Yoon YY, Kim T-K, Ohta T & Lee T

(2009) Geochemical Significance of 14C and 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Data of High-Temperature Deep Groundwater at the Southeastern Part of Korea
Lee S-G, Nakamura T, Kim T-K, Ohta T & Lee T

(2007) Radiocarbon and 13C Variations during the Last 300 Years in Lacustrine Sediments of Lake Biwa, Central Japan
Minami M, Tane N & Nakamura T

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