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All abstracts by John W. Moreau in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Cryo-TEM-EELS Study of the Impact of Organics on Cr(OH)<sub>3</sub> Oxidation by ╬┤-MnO2
Watts M, Hanssen E & Moreau J

(2015) Sulfur-Dependent Arsenic Resistance in Hot Springs: Insights from the Metagenome of Champagne Pool, New Zealand
Hug K, Maher WA, Krikowa F, Foster S, Stott MB & Moreau JW

(2014) Biogeochemical Influences on Uranium Speciation in the Mulga Rock Sedimentary Uranium Ore Deposit, Western Australia
Cumberland S, Jaraula C, Grice K, Douglas G, Evans K, McCuaig C, Schwark L, Curtain R, Rubanov S, de Jonge M, Howard D & Moreau J

(2012) Thiocyanate Adsorption onto Ferrihydrite and its Availability during the Aging of Ferrihydrite
Vu HP & Moreau J

(2010) Identification of Metacinnabar in Mixed Mercury, Sulfide, and Dissolved Organic Matter Solutions Through Chromatographic Concentration and EXAFS
Gerbig C, Ryan J, Aiken G, Kim C, Stegemeier J & Moreau J

(2008) A Role for Proteins in Extracellular Metal-Sulfide and Selenium Biomineralization?
Moreau J, Pearce CI & Banfield J

(2006) Submicron-Scale Isotopic Variations Within Biogenic ZnS Record the Mechanism and Kinetics of Extracellular Metal-Sulfide Biomineralization
Moreau J, Weber P, Martin M, Webb R, Gilbert B, Hutcheon I & Banfield J

(2003) Nanoparticles: Size-Structure-Reactivity Interrelationships
Banfield J, Huang F, Gilbert B, Zhang H, Moreau J & Waychunas G

(2001) Biogenic Precipitation of Monomineralic Nanocrystalline Sulfides: Implications of Observed and Modeled Processes to Metal Contaminant Remediation and Ore Deposition
Druschel GK, Chan CS, Moreau J, Thomsen-Ebert T, Labrenz M, Fowle D, Welch SA & Banfield JF

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