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All abstracts by Sisir Kanti Mondal in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Trace Element and PGE in Sulfide Minerals from Breccia Zone of the Archean Nuasahi Massif (India)
Mukherjee R, Mondal SK, Prichard HM, McDonald I & Fisher PC

(2019) Geochemistry of the Deccan Basalts from Borehole KBH-7 of the Koyna Seismic Zone (India): Nature of Crustal Contamination and Sulfide Saturation of Magma
Banerjee R & Mondal SK

(2019) Trace Element Geochemistry of Fe-Ti-Oxides and Sulfides from the Archean Mayurbhanj Complex (Eastern India)
Bhattacharjee C & Mondal SK

(2019) Trace Element in Chromites of Komatiites from the Archean Gorumahisani Greenstone Belt, Singhbhum Craton (India)
Mondal SK, Das E, Banerjee R & Reisberg L

(2015) PGE Geochemistry of Precambrian Mafic Dykes from the Singhbhum Craton (India)
Mondal SK, Pramanik I, Mukherjee R, Bank SP & Satyanarayanan M

(2015) PGE and PGM in the Breccias and Magnetites in the Nuasahi Massif, Singhbhum Craton, India
Prichard H, Mondal S, Mukherjee R, Fisher P & McDonald I

(2014) Se Isotope Signature of Paleoarchean and Paleoproterozoic Banded Iron Formations
Schilling K, Basu A, Johnson TM, Mason PRD, Tsikos H & Mondal SK

(2014) The Behaviour of Chromium Isotopes during the Oxidative Weathering of Ultramafic Rocks
Paulukat C, Døssing LN, Mondal SK & Frei R

(2013) Trace-Element Fingerprints of Chromites and Sulfides from the Archean Nuggihalli Greenstone Belt, Western Dharwar Craton, India
Mukherjee R, Mondal SK, González-Jiménez JM, Griffin WL, Pearson NJ & O’Reilly SY

(2013) Lithospheric Mantle Connection of Clinopyroxene Inclusions in Chromites from the Archean Nuasahi Ultramafic-Mafic Complex (India)
Mondal SK, Arai S, Payot BD & Tamura A

(2012) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Mobilization and Transport in Sukinda Valley, India
Doessing LN, Dideriksen K, Crowe SA, Mondal SK, Bovet N & Frei R

(2011) Sulfide Mineralogy of West Greenland Kimberlitic Mantle Xenoliths
Mondal SK, Bernstein S & Rosing MT

(2009) Origins of the Magmas Parental to the Chromitites
Mondal SK

(2009) Geochemistry of Mesoarchean Sukinda Chromite Deposits (India): Implications for Gabbro-Breccia Hosted PGE Mineralization
Khatun S, Mondal SK, Balaram V, Rosing MT & Frei R

(2007) PGE Distributions in Mesoarchean Chromitites and Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in the Singhbhum Craton (India): Evidence for Presence of a Subchondritic Source Mantle Domain
Mondal S

(2005) Origin of UG2 and Other Chromitite Layer of the Bushveld Complex
Mondal S & Mathez E

(2003) Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Cr-Spinels from Archean to Phanerozoic Chromite Deposits
Mondal S, Ripley E, Li C, Ahmed A, Arai S & Liipo J

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