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All abstracts by Hiroyuki Matsuzaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Determination of 129I by ICP-MS/MS; It’s Application to Fukushima Soil Samples
Ohno T, Muramatsu Y, Toyoda S & Matsuzaki H

(2013) Reconstruction of the Accident-Derived I-131 Deposition in Fukushima Through the Analysis of I-129 in Soil
Muramatsu Y, Matsuzaki H, Ohno T, Inagawa N & Toyama C

(2013) Studies on the Concentration of I-129 and I-131/I-129 Ratios in Soil Samples Collected from Fukushima Prefecture
Inagawa N, Muramatsu Y, Ohno T, Toyama C, Satou M & Matsuzaki H

(2011) Depth Profile of 129I/127I Ratio in Andisol Collected in Preserved Field of NIAES, Tsukuba, Japan
Matsuzaki H, Maejima Y, Ohkura T, Tsuchiya Y, Abe K, Miyairi Y & Muramatsu Y

(2011) Vertical Distribution of Iodine in Pore Water Collected from Japan Sea Sediments: Origin of Iodine-Rich Fluid Associated with Methane Hydrate
Muramatsu Y, Anzai H, Tomaru H, Matsumoto R & Matsuzaki H

(2011) Studies on Annual Variation of 14C/12C Ratios in Plant Samples by AMS
Inoue A, Muramatsu Y, Matsuzaki H & Yoshida S

(2009) Accumulation of Iodine on Andosol
Ito E, Muramatsu Y & Matsuzaki H

(2009) Occurrence of Iodine Rich Brines and Hot Spring Waters in Japan
Muramatsu Y, Kashiiwagi Y, Ohba T, Kazahaya K, Matsuzaki H & Fehn U

(2007) Radiocarbon Analysis in Tree Rings of Yaku-Cedar by AMS for Investigating Secular Variation of Atmospheric 14C/12C Ratios
Ueno H, Muramatsu Y & Matsuzaki H

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