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All abstracts by Shigenori Maruyama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Origin of Hydrocarbons in Continental Serpentinite-Hosted Hakuba Happo Hot Spring
Suda K, Ueno Y, Gilbert A, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2013) Heavy Element-Stable Isotope Systematics for Metallomics Induced by the MC-ICPMS Technique
Hirata T, Okabayashi S, Ohno T, Yoshiya K, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2013) Archean Regional Metamorphism of the 3.8-3.7 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland: Geothermal Gradient of the Archean Subduction Zone and Implication for Global Carbon Cycle
Arai T, Omori S, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2013) In situ Iron Isotope Analysis of Pyrite in ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments from Isua Supracrustal Belt, Greenland
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2013) Abiotic Methane Formation Not from H2 but from H2O in the Serpentinite-Hosted Hakuba Happo Hot Spring
Suda K, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2013) Supercontinent Cycle and 2nd Continents
Kawai K, Ichikawa H, Yamamoto S, Tsuchiya T & Maruyama S

(2012) Negative Growth of the Continental Crust at Present: Significance of Arc Subduction
Yamamoto S & Maruyama S

(2012) Ediacaran Carbon Isotope Anomaly Records Shallow Marine Event, not Entire Ocean
Tahata M, Ueno Y, Sawaki Y, Kikumoto R, Nishizawa M, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2011) Continental Materials Around the Bottom of the Mantle Transition Zone
Kawai K, Yamamoto S, Ichikawa H, Tsuchiya T & Maruyama S

(2011) In situ Iron Isotope Analyses of Pyrites from 3.5 to 3.2 Ga Sedimentary Rocks of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, Kaapvaal Craton
Yoshiya K, Sawaki Y, Shibuya T, Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2010) Highly Alkaline, High-Temperature Hydrothermal Fluid Generated by Archean CO2-rich Seawater
Shibuya T, Komiya T, Nakamura K, Takai K & Maruyama S

(2010) In situ Analyses of Sr Isotopes and REE of Phosphate Minerals in the Ediacaran Phosphorite of Weng'an Region, South China
Okada Y, Sawaki Y, Komiya T, Takahata N, Sano Y, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2010) Decoding Carbon Cycle and Climatic Change by C, O and N Isotopes of the Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks in South China
Tahata M, Ueno Y, Kikumoto R, Sawaki Y, Ishikawa T, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2009) Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production Through Hydrothermal Alteration of Komatiite Glass
Yoshizaki M, Suzuki K, Shibuya T, Shimizu K, Nakamura K, Yamaguchi KE, Yamamoto S, Omori S, Takai K & Maruyama S

(2009) Ediacaran Oceanic Environmental Change Inferred from Pb, Sr Isotopes and REE Geochemistry of the Baratal Limestone, Gorny Altai Mountains, Southern Siberia
Nohda S, Wang B-S, You C-F, Uchio Y, Isozaki Y & Maruyama S

(2009) Middle Archean CO2 Flux into Oceanic Crust from Ocean
Shibuya T, Tahata M, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2009) Carbon Isotope Analyses of Kerogen from Tumbiana Formation, Fortescue Group Shown Possibility of the Environmental Redox Changes
Yoshiya K, Sakurai R, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y, Tsuyoshi K, Yoshida N, Wada H & Maruyama S

(2009) Molecular Fossils Extracted from an Ediacaran/Cambrian Boundary Section in the Three Gorge Area, South China
Yamada K, Ueno Y, Yamada K, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2009) Iron Isotopic Distribution at Grain Scale Sugggests the Redox Fluctuation of the Archaean Shallow Ocean
Nishizawa M, Yamamoto H, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2009) Highly Saline Palaeoproterozoic Seawater Inferred from Fluid Inclusions in 2.4 Ga Ongeluk Formation
Saitou T, Shibuya T, Komiya T, Kitajima K, Yamamoto S, Nishizawa M, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2008) Quadruple Sulfur Isotope Analysis of ~2.9 Ga Pongola Supergroup
Tsuruoka S, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Yoshida N & Maruyama S

(2008) Tungsten Isotopic Investigation of Eoarchean Terrestrial Rocks with Implications for Mantle Evolution
Iizuka T, Nakai S, Sahoo YV, Hirata T, Takamasa A & Maruyama S

(2008) C Isotopes and Multi-Elements Distribution within Individual Proteozoic Microfossils
Nishizawa M, Takahata N, Sano Y, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2006) Continental growth history deduced from zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope systematics of river sands
Iizuka T, Komiya T, Rino S, Maruyama S & Hirata T

(2006) Reworking of Hadean continental crust in the Acasta Gneiss Complex of NW Canada: Evidence from zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes
Iizuka T, Horie K, Komiya T, Maruyama S, Hirata T & Hidaka H

(2005) Water Content in Eclogite from the Ultrahigh-Pressure Terrane
Katayama I, Nakashima S, Yurimoto H & Maruyama S

(2005) Occurrence of a 4.2<!s><$>Gyr Old Zircon in the Acasta Gneiss Complex of Northwestern Canada
Iizuka T, Horie K, Komiya T, Maruyama S, Hirata T, Hidaka H & Windley B

(2003) Fate of the Subducted Farallon Plate Inferred from Eclogite Xenoliths in the Colorado Plateau
Usui T, Nakamura E, Kobayashi K, Maruyama S & Helmstaedt H

(2003) UHP Mineral Inclusions Hidden in Zircons from Amphibolites in Sulu Terrane, Eastern China
Liu F, Zhang Z, Katayama I, Xu Z & Maruyama S

(2003) History of the Earth and Life
Maruyama S

(2003) Continental Growth History of the River Basin: Age Distribution of Detrital Zircons from Major Rivers
Rino S, Komiya T, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2003) Raman and IR Microspectroscopy of Graphitic Spheroids from 3.0 Ga Black Chert, Cleaverville, Australia
Igisu M, Nakashima S, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2003) In situ Hf Isotope Microanalysis of Zircon by LA-MC-ICPMS
Iizuka T, Komiya T, Hirata T & Maruyama S

(2003) Carbon Isotope Record of Kerogen from ~2.7 Ga Tumbiana Formation, Western Australia
Sakurai R, Wada H, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2003) 3.0 Ga Ocean Floor Metamorphism in the Cleaverville Area, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
Shibuya T, Kitajima K, Komiya T & Maruyama S

(2003) Litho- and Chemostratigraphy of the Vendo-Cambrian Mid- Oceanic Paleo-Atoll Carbonates in the Gorny Altai Mountains, Siberia
Uchio Y, Isozaki Y, Kawahata H & Maruyama S

(2003) Origin of 13C-Depleted Kerogen in ca. 3.5 Ga Hydrothermal Silica Dikes from Western Australia
Ueno Y, Yoshioka H, Isozaki Y & Maruyama S

(2003) Estimation of an Environment for Early Life
Kitajima K, Maruyama S & Omori S

(2003) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Early Archean Hydrothermal Deposits from Western Australia
Ueno Y, Rumble D, Ono S, Hu G & Maruyama S

(2003) Zircons from Chromitites in Luobusa Ophiolite, Tibet
Yamamoto S, Komiya T, Hirose K & Maruyama S

(2003) Geochemistry of the 2.7 Ga Belingwe Volcanics, Zimbabwe: Magmatism in the Archean Continental Large Igneous Province
Shimizu K, Nakamura E & Maruyama S

(2002) The Evolution of the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe
Shimizu K, Nakamura E, Maruyama S & Kobayashi K

(2001) SHRIMP U-Pb and Re-Os Dating of Mantle UHP Minerals from the Luobusha Chromitite, South Tibet
Yang JS, Bai WJ, Wu CL, Hirata T, Maruyama S, Hirose K & Liou JG

(2001) Discovery of Coesite in the North Qaidam Caledonian Ultrahigh-High Pressure (UHP-Hp) Metamorphic Belt on the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Yang JS, Song SG, Xu ZQ, Liu FL, Maruyama S, Liou JG, Zhang JX, Wu CL, Li HB & Shi RD

(2001) Petrochemical Characterization of the Kokchetav Massif and the Dabie-Sulu Terranes Ultrahigh-P Metamorphism in the P-T Forbidden Zone
Liou JG, Zhang RY, Maruyama S & Ernst WG

(2001) Metamorphic Effect on Carbon Isotopic Composition of Graphite from ca. 3.8 Ga Metasediments, Isua Supracrustal Belt, West Greenland
Ueno Y, Maruyama S, Yurimoto H, Yoshioka H & Komiya T

(2001) Perspectives on the Petrochemical Study of UHP-Hp Metamorphism
Maruyama S & Liou JG

(2001) Heterogeneity of Oxygen Isotope Compositions in the Kokchetav UHP Metamorphic Rocks
Masago H, Rumble Iii D, Ernst WG & Maruyama S

(2001) Hydrated Clinopyroxene in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks from the Kokchetav Massif: Implication to Water Transportation into the Mantle
Katayama I, Nakashima S & Maruyama S

(2001) Coesite Exsolution, Silica-Excess Titanite and K2O-, H2O-Bearing Diopside in Calcite Marble from the Kokchetav UHPM Terrane
Fukasawa K, Ogasawara Y & Maruyama S

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