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All abstracts by Matthew A. Marcus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) The Structure of Nacre in Jurassic Pinna Shells
Gilbert PUPA, Giuffre AJ, Bergmann KD, Myers CE, Marcus MA, DeVol RT, Sun C-Y, Blonsky AZ, Zhao J, Karan E, Tamre E, Tamura N, Lemer S, Giribet G, Eiler J & Knoll A

(2016) Biomineral Vaterite Spicules do not Grow from Amorphous Calcium Carbonate, They Grow Ion by Ion from Solution
Pokroy B, Kabalah-Amitai L, Polishchuk I, DeVol RT, Blonsky AZ, Sun C-Y, Marcus MA, Scholl A & Gilbert PUPA

(2015) Quantification and Description of As Species in Aquifer Solids with µXAS
Nicholas S, Gowan A, Knaeble A, Marcus M, Woodruff L, Erickson M, Lynch J & Toner B

(2014) Quantification of Arsenic Species in Aquifer Solids Using micro-XAS
Nicholas S, Knaeble A, Marcus M, Woodruff L, Erickson M & Toner B

(2012) Making Sense of Large Sets of XANES Spectra
Marcus M, Lenoir T, Lam P & Manceau A

(2012) Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Basaltic Degassing
de Moor M, Fischer T, King P, Sharp Z, Marcus M, Spilde M & Marty B

(2012) Measuring the Speciation of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles
Toner B, Breier J, Edwards K, Fakra S, German C, Marcus M & Rouxel O

(2011) Evaluation of Chromium Reductive Immobilization and Oxidative Re-mobilization in Flow-Through Aquifer Sediment Columns
Varadharajan C, Nico P, Yang L, Marcus M, Han R, Bill M, Larsen J, Molins S, Steefel C, Conrad M, Brodie E & Beller H

(2011) The Speciation of Marine Particulate Iron Adjacent to Active and Passive Continental Margins
Lam PJ, Ohnemus DC & Marcus MA

(2010) Going Deep: Elemental Distribution, Speciation and Redox States in a Marine Ferromanganese Nodule
Marcus MA, Fakra SC, Toner BM, Horn G & Edwards KJ

(2009) Trace Element Partitioning and Redox States in a Ferromanganese Nodule from the SW Pacific
Marcus M, Fakra S, Toner B, Horn G & Edwards K

(2009) X-Ray Views of the Defect Structure and Chemistry of Environmental Nanoparticles
Manceau A, Lanson B, Marcus M, Skanthakumar S & Soderholm L

(2008) Kinetics of Fe(II)-catalyzed Transformation of Ferrihydrite Under Anaerobic Dynamic Flow Conditions
Yang L, Steefel C, Marcus M & Song X

(2007) Evaluation of Oxidation State and Potential for Bio-Signatures in Fe-Bearing Minerals in Deep-Sea Minerals Using Spectroscopic Approaches
Edwards K, Marcus M, Toner B & Santelli C

(2005) Changes in Zn Speciation in the Rhizosphere of Graminaceous Plants Induced by Phytostabilization of a Contaminated Sediment
Panfili F, Manceau A, Sarret G, Laboudigue A, Bert V & Marcus M

(2005) Natural Speciation of Mn, Ni and Zn at the Micrometer Scale in a Clayey Paddy Soil Using X-Ray Fluorescence, Absorption, and Diffraction
Manceau A, Schlegel M, Rihs S & Marcus M

(2005) Micro-Spectroscopic Investigation of Selenium Speciation in Reclaimed Mine Soils from Southeastern Idaho
Strawn D, Ryser A, Marcus M, Johnson-Maynard J, Moller G & Gunter M

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