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All abstracts by Michel Loubet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Geochemical Support and Constrains to a Two Large Cells Convective Mantle Structure Based on the Incompatible Trace Element Ratio Geochemical Tool
Loubet M

(2017) OIB Sources – Mantle Domains: The Incompatible Trace Element Ratio (Th/La, Nb/La) Tool Analysis
Loubet M

(2007) Oceanic Basalts Geochemical Heterogeneities Distribution in Four Large Scale Domains Supporting a First Order Two Large Cells Whole Mantle Convective Structure
Loubet M

(2004) Tracing of Atmospheric Pb, Sr and Rare Earth Elements in a Soilwater-Plant System of a Forested Silicate Catchment
Stille P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Pourcelot L, Loubet M, Aubert D & Probst A

(2004) New Lecture of Mantle Source Heterogeneities Reconciling the Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches
Loubet M

(2004) Quantifying the Two Main Processes Managing the Pb Behavior in the Strengbach Basin (Vosges, France): Anthropogenic Input and Weathering
Quilici H, Loubet M, Aubert D & Probst A

(2001) Pb Behavior in the Garonne River (South West France) Through Crossing of the Toulouse Urban Area: Evidences for Remobilization Processes
Quilici H, Crouzel L, Baque D & Loubet M

(2001) Observed Relationship between Geochemically Distinct Oceanic Domains and Earth Mantle Geophysical Features: Inferences Concerning the Earth Mantle Structure
Loubet M

(2001) Mobilization of Platinum Group Elements Under Tropical Weathering Conditions
Tapia J & Loubet M

(2000) Pb Isotopes as Tracers of Anthropogenic Inputs and Weathering Process (Strengbach Catchment, Vosges Mountains, France)
Quilici H, Picke N, Probst A & Loubet M

(2000) Geochemical Characteristics of River Fluxes in the Cuyuni Tropical Basin (Southern Venezuela): Importance of the Organo-Colloidal Control on Elements Behavior
Tosiani T, Loubet M, Dupre B, Marrero S, Berger G, Yanes C & Ramirez A

(2000) Platinum Group Elements (PGE) Mobility Under Tropical Weathering Conditions
Tapia J & Loubet M

(2000) New Interpretation of Earth-Mantle Heterogeneities Favoring a Whole Convective Mantle Structure
Loubet M

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