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All abstracts by Liyuan Liang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Iron Biogeochemistry in Arctic Tundra Soils
Herndon E, Roy Chowdhury T, Yang Z, Graham D, Gu B & Liang L

(2014) Geochemical Drivers of Organic Matter Degradation in Arctic Tundra
Herndon E, Mann B, Bargar J, Graham D, Wullschleger S, Gu B & Liang L

(2014) Reactions of Soil Organic Matter with Iron and Iron-Oxides on its Sorption, Transport and Degradation
Gu B, Herndon E, Mann B, Bargar J, Wullschleger S, Graham D & Liang L

(2014) The Coupling between Mercury-Cell Surface Interactions and Mercury Uptake and Methylation
Lin H, Hurt Jr. R, Johs A, Parks J, Liang L, Elias D & Gu B

(2012) The Fate of Mercury at a Contaminated Site
Liang L, Watson D, Miller C, Howe J, He F & Pierce E

(2012) Neutron Scattering Reveals Conformations of the Transcriptional Regulator MerR in Complex with its Operator DNA
Johs A, Tomanicek SJ, Guo H-B, Summers AO & Liang L

(2012) The Reduction and Surface Complexation of Mercury by Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA
Hu H, Zheng W, Schaefer J, Feng X, Liang L, Dwayne E & Gu B

(2010) Complexation and Reactivity of Mercury with Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and Particles in East Fork Poplar Creek in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Miller C, Gu B & Liang L

(2010) The Reduction of Hg(II) and Complexation of Hg(0) with Natural Dissolved Organic Matter in Aquatic Environments
Bian Y, Miller C, Jiang X, Dong W, Liang L & Gu B

(2010) Structure of Bacterial Multiheme Cytochromes at the Microbial-Mineral Interface
Johs A, Shi L, Droubay T, Ankner JF & Liang L

(2010) Catalytic Mechanism of Hg-C Bond Cleavage by the Organomercurial Lyase MerB
Parks J, Guo H, Momany C, Liang L, Miller S, Summers A & Smith J

(2008) Controlled Synthesis, Manipulation of Surface Hydrophobicity, and Self-Assembly of Hematite Nanocrystals
Wang W, Liang L, Johs A, Ankner JF & Gu B

(2007) Ferrihydrite in Porous Media – An Inner-Sphere Complexation and Transport Approach to Describe Multiple Reactions and Predict Colloid Mobilization
Hofmann A & Liang L

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