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All abstracts by Jian Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Distribution and Genensis of Mercury in Giant Gas Fields in China
Li J, Han Z, Yan Q & Hao A

(2020) Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal Derived Gas in Northwest China
Hao A, Guo J, Li J, Ran Q & Qi X

(2020) Geochemical Characteristics and Reservoir Forming Mechanism of Large Gas Field with High Water cut of the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation in Sichuan Basin, China
Xie Z, Yang C, Li J, Jin H, Zhang L, Guo J & Hao C

(2019) Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal-Formed Gas in Northwest China
Li J, Hao A, Guo J, Ran Q & Qi X

(2019) Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Reversals in Highly Mature Coal-Derived Gases: A Case Study from Paleozoic Gases in Southern Ordos Basin, China
Liu D & Li J

(2019) Modeling of the Whole Hydrocarbon-Generating Process of Sapropelic Source Rock
Ma W & Li J

(2018) Gas Accumulation Process of Anyue Gas Field in Sichuan Basin in China
Xie Z, Wei G, Li J, Wang Z, Dong C, Hao A, Zhang L, Guo J & Yang C

(2018) Quantitative Assessment Model of Gas Generation of Sapropelic Organic Matter Constrained by Expulsion Efficiency
Li J, Hao A, Li Z, Ma W & Wang Y

(2017) Model-Based Identification of Physical and Geochemical Controls of Uranium in situ Leaching
Sun J, Prommer H, Bunney K, Jackson M, Austin P, Li J, Robinson D, Oram J, Rao A & Kuhar L

(2017) Identification Index of Different Types of Oil Cracking Gas and its Application
Li J, Li Z, Li J, Hao A & Shi J

(2015) Globally Extremely Abnormal Mercury Abundance Suggesting Mantle Degassing Volatiles in Natural Gas
Liu Q, Dai J, Jin Z, Li J & Feng Z

(2014) Distribution and Genesis of Mercury Rich Gas in China
Li J, Yan Q, Han Z & Hao A

(2010) The Formation of Shallow Biogas of Songliao Basin, China
Luo X, Zhang Y & Li J

(2010) Hydrogen Isotope Geochemistry of Giant Gas Field in Ordos Basin
Li J, Li Z, Wang D & Li J

(2009) The Development of Experimental Technique for Natural Gas Biomarker and Its Application
Li J, Li Z, Luo X & Wang X

(2008) Silicon Isotope Composition of Diatoms as a Paleoenvironmental Proxy in Lake Huguangyan, South China
Chen J, Li J, Tian S & Wan G

(2008) Lithochemical Characteristics of Volcanic Rocks during Upper Jurassic –early Cretaceous, Songliao Basin, China
Li J, Wang Z & Zao H

(2007) Xingcheng Abiogenic Alkane Gas Field in Songliao Basin, China
Dai J, Zhang S, Li J & Ni Y

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