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All abstracts by Arnault Lassin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Reactive Transport Modelling of Calcium Carbonate Formation in a Lab-on-A-Chip Device at 25℃
Lassin A, André L, Devau N, Lach A, Beuvier T, Gibaud A, Gaboreau S & Azaroual M

(2013) Thermoddem: An Example of Alive Thermochemical Database
Lassin A, Blanc P, André L, Marty N, Parmentier M, Moyard S, Azaroual M, Piantone P, Gaucher EC, Kervévan C & Tournassat C

(2013) Thermodynamics of Hydration of MX80 Smectite Derived from Hydration Isotherms
Gailhanou H, Blanc P, Lassin A, Vieillard P, Denoyel R, Bloch E, Made B & Giffaut E

(2012) Chemistry of H-Li-Na-K-Cl-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations (< 40 Molal) and Temperatures (0 – 250Â℃)
Lassin A, Christov C, Andre L & Azaroual M

(2011) Chemistry of Li-Na-K-Oh-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations and Temperatures
Lassin A, Christov C, André L & Azaroual M

(2010) A Thermochemical Model for CO2-Water Interfacial Tension
Lassin A, Leroy P, Broseta D & Azaroual M

(2010) Metastabilizing Aqueous Solutions in Micrometric Cylindrical Tubes
Bouzid M, Mercury L, Lassin A & Matray JM

(2009) Pitzer Parametrization Constrained by Density: Application to Natural and Industrial Systems
Lassin A, Kervévan C, André L & Azaroual M

(2009) A Methodology to Estimate Pitzer Interaction Parameters
Andre L, Lassin A & Azaroual M

(2007) H/D Isotopic Interpretation of Hydration Isotherms
Lassin A, Gailhanou H, Richard T & Azaroual M

(2004) Thermodynamics of the Heterogeneous Equilibria in the Unsaturated Zone of Soils
Azaroual M, Lassin A & Mercury L

(2003) Thermodynamic Equilibrium in the Water-Unsaturated Zone (UZ) of Geological Systems
Azaroual M, Lassin A & Mercury L

(2000) Thermodynamic Modelling of Arsenic Behaviour in Subsurface Aqueous Systems
Azaroual M, Lassin A, Piantone P & Gaskova O

(2000) Evolution of Ca-K Exchange in Clays with Temperature: The Role of Hydration Processes
Lassin A, Duplay J & Tardy Y

(2000) Evolution of Different Redox Couples during the Weathering of Mine Waste
Lassin A & Azaroual M

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