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All abstracts by Pierre Lanari in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Deciphering the Behavior of Trace Elements during Partial Melting Using Multi-Phase Quantitative Compositional Mapping by LA-ICPMS
Lanari P, Dominguez H, Markmann T & Riel N

(2023) A Deep-Learning Approach to Trace Fluid-Driven Garnet Dissolution in 3D
Hartmeier P, Lanari P, Markmann T & Forshaw JB

(2023) Investigating Production and Melt Extraction in the Deep Crust Through Numerical Modelling: Case Study of the El Oro Complex in Ecuador
Dominguez H, Lanari P, Hartmeier P & Riel N

(2023) Advanced Petrological Modelling for Predicting Fluid Fluxes in Subduction Zones
Markmann T & Lanari P

(2023) Tracing Fluid Infiltration in Subducted Oceanic Crust at High Pressure Conditions
Rubatto D, Williams M, Markmann T, Lanari P & Hermann J

(2023) In situ U–Pb and Rb–Sr Dating Applied to Pb–Zn–Ag Mineralizations of the Western Alps
Bertauts M, Janots E, Rossi M, Vezinet A, Duhamel-Achin I & Lanari P

(2023) WR-Projection: A Python-Module for Major-Element Whole-Rock Projection and Plotting of Metamorphic Rocks
Forshaw JB, Dominguez H, Hartmeier P & Lanari P

(2023) XMapTools, an Example of Software Development and Distribution in the Academic World and Beyond
Lanari P

(2023) SpecXY – A Tool for Working with Spatial Spectroscopic Data
Gies NB, Lanari P & Hermann J

(2023) Index-Mineral Growth in Regional-Contact Metapelites from Harpswell, Maine
Forshaw JB & Lanari P

(2023) Multi-Dimensional Classification and Correlation of Water and Trace Element Maps in Clinopyroxene Using SpecXY
Gies NB, Hermann J & Lanari P

(2021) Combination of High-Resolution Mapping with Infrared Spectroscopy and Electron Microprobe to Study Incorporation and Retention of H in Metamorphic Garnet
Reynes J, Hermann J & Lanari P

(2021) Pervasive Fluid Flow in Subducted Crust
Rubatto D, Bovay T & Lanari P

(2021) Titanium Isotopic Compositions of Bulk Rocks and Mineral Separates from the Kos Magmatic Suite: Insights into Fractional Crystallization and Magma Mixing Processes
Greber ND, Pettke T, Vilela N, Lanari P & Dauphas N

(2021) Adding the Third Dimension to the Textural and Chemical Analysis of Metamorphic Rocks and Implications for Petrological Models
Lanari P, Dietrich J & Hermann J

(2020) Correlative Analysis in Geosciences: Where are We at? Where are We Going?
Taylor R, Hill E, Khan R, Johnson T, Clark C & Lanari P

(2019) Trace Element Mapping of Garnet by LA-Icp-Tofms
Rubatto D, Burger M, Schwarz G, Keresztes Schmidt P, Neff C, Lanari P, Hermann J, Vho A & Günther D

(2019) Monazite Petrochronology Evidence for Long-Lived High Geothermal Gradient Metamorphism in the Intracontinental Seridó Belt, Brazil
Cioffi C, Meira V, Trindade R, Lanari P & Gerdes A

(2018) Internally Consistent Database for Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Minerals: Theory and Application to HP Metamorphic Rocks
Vho A, Lanari P & Rubatto D

(2018) Petrochronological Evolution of Garnet-Free UHT Mafic Granulites in the Guaxupé Nappe (SE Brazil): From Subduction to Collision?
Tedeschi M, Pedrosa-Soares A, Dussin I, Lanari P, Novo T, Piacentini Pinheiro MA, Lana C & Peters D

(2018) Disequilibrium Mapping in High Grade Metamorphic Rocks – Implications for ‘Pseudosection’ Modeling
Lanari P & Hermann J

(2018) Linking Mineral Growth and Re-equilibration to in situ Th-Pb Allanite and 40Ar/39Ar Mica Ages in Low to Medium-Grade Metapelites (Eastern Tibet)
Airaghi L, Lanari P, Warren C, Janots E & de Sigoyer J

(2017) Chronology, Patterns and Rates of Erosion and Deposition Processes, Western Peruvian Andes
Litty C, Schlunegger F, Akcar N, Lanari P, Burn M & Christl M

(2017) Nepheline-Jadeite Field-Trip in the Gran Paradiso Massif: Permian Alkaline and Alpine Problems
Guillot F, Chopin C, Lanari P & Li X-H

(2017) Jadeite and Nepheline in the Gran Paradiso Massif, W. Alps: Stability vs. Metastability in the High-Pressure Evolution of Continental Crust
Chopin C, Guillot F & Lanari P

(2011) From Compositional to P-T-Deformation-T(Relative Age)-Redox Maps at the Thin Section Scale
Vidal O, Lanari P, Dubacq B, Munoz M & Lewin E

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