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All abstracts by Stephan Klemme in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Origin and Redox Conditions of RosáRio-6 Alkaline Occurrence, Southern Brazil: Implications for Mantle Conditions during Gondwana Breakup
Colombo Carniel L, Vieira Conceição R, Klemme S, Berndt J & Jalowitzki T

(2020) Effect of F and P on the Magmatic Enrichment of Nb, Ta and REE in Carbonatic Melts
Louvel M & Klemme S

(2020) Plume-Subduction Events Recorded by KS2 Kimberlite Indicator Minerals from Juína, Brazil
Jalowitzki T, Gervasoni F, Sumino H, Klemme S, Berndt J, Dalla Costa M & Fuck R

(2020) Noble Gas Isotopes and Mineral Chemistry Recording Partial Melting and Subduction-Related Metasomatism in Spinel-Lherzolites from Coyhaique, Chilean Patagonia
Novais-Rodrigues E, Jalowitzki T, Gervasoni F, Sumino H, Bussweiler Y, Berndt J, Klemme S, Teles L, Conceição R, Schilling M & Bertotto G

(2019) NMR Studies of Fluorine Defects in Forsterite and Wadsleyite
Gruetzner T, Christopher B, Svyatoslav S, Fechtelkord M & Klemme S

(2019) Apollo 16 “Rusty Rock” Alteration by Metal Transport and Deposition from an Experimental Fumarolic Gas
Renggli CJ & Klemme S

(2019) Experiments on Ruthenium Isotope Fractionation between Liquid Metal, Silicate and Sulfide
Grützner T, Hopp T, Berndt J, Klemme S & Kleine T

(2019) High-Pressure/-temperature Reaction Experiments between Saline Fluid and Mantle Rocks Provide New Insight into Cratonic Mantle Metasomatism
Bussweiler Y, Gruetzner T, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2018) Reduced Volatile Sources for Karelian Diamonds Linked to Punctuated Ultramafic Magmatism
Smart K, Cartigny P, Tappe S, O'Brien H & Klemme S

(2018) Chlorine Isotope Systematics in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Central American Volcanic Arc
Flemetakis S, John T, Bouvier A-S, Portnyagin M, Mironov N & Klemme S

(2017) Phosphorus-Rich Pyroxene in Mantle Xenoliths
Baziotis I, Asimow P, Klemme S, Berndt J, Xydous S, Mavrogonatos K & Flemetakis S

(2017) Experimental Determination of Stable Pd, Ru and S Isotope Fractionation between Liquid Metal and Liquid Silicate
Grützner T, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2017) Experimental Constraints on the Evaporation of Moderately Volatile Elements during Planetary Formation
Sossi P, Klemme S, O'Neill H, Berndt J & Moynier F

(2015) Strontium Isotopes in Silicate-Melt Inclusions: A Case Study from the Faroe and Azores Islands
Genske F, Stracke A, Beier C & Klemme S

(2015) Experimental Determination of W Isotope Fractionation between Liquid Metal and Liquid Silicate
Horstmann M, Kleine T, Kruijer TS, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2015) The Stability of Majoritic Garnet Depending on Garnet Composition
Wijbrans CH, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2015) Experimental Constraints on the Stability of Baddeleyite and Zircon in Carbonatite Melts
Klemme S, Gervasoni F, Rohrbach A & Berndt J

(2015) Zircon Saturation in Silicate Melts: An Improved Model for Peraluminous to Peralkaline Melts
Gervasoni F, Klemme S, Berndt J & R.V. Rocha-Júnior E

(2015) Metasomatic Growth of Eclogitic Diamonds from Decoupled Volatile Sources
Smart K, O'Brien H, Cartigny P, Tappe S, Klemme S & Harris C

(2015) The Effect of Fluorine on the Stability of Humite-Type Minerals in the Upper Mantle and Transition Zone
Grützner T, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2015) Trace Element Partitioning: What We Know and What We Don’t
Klemme S

(2014) The Storage Capacity of Fluorine in Olivine and Pyroxene
Grützner T, Klemme S, Vollmer C, Rohrbach A & Berndt-Gerdes J

(2014) The Origin of Ultramafic Enclaves and their Basanitic Host Rock from Kula Volcano, Turkey
Grützner T, Prelević D, Akal C & Klemme S

(2013) Insight to the Local Melt Structures and their Influence on the Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements (La, Gd, Yb, Y)
Simon S, Wilke M, Klemme S, Caliebe WA, Chernikov R & Kvashnina KO

(2013) Experimental Study of Trace Element Partitioning between Spinel and Silicate Melts: Effects of Oxygen Fugacity and Spinel Composition
Klemme S, Wijbrans I, Vollmer C, Menneken M & Berndt J

(2013) Garnet and Spinel in the Upper Mantle: Results from Thermodynamic Modeling in Fertile and Depleted Compositions
Ziberna L, Klemme S & Nimis P

(2013) Experimental Study of Majorite Stability in Chromium Rich Garnets
Wijbrans I, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2012) Partitioning of F between Nominally Fluorine-Free Minerals and Basaltic Melts: Implications for the Global Cycle of Halogens
Klemme S, Beyer C, Vollmer C, Wiedenbeck M & Stracke A

(2012) The Stability of Iron Nickel Carbides in the Earth S Mantle
Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW, Ghosh S, Wijbrans CH & Klemme S

(2012) Subduction-Driven Growth and Modification of Cratons: Examples from Canada and Greenland
Smart K, Tappe S, Simonetti A & Klemme S

(2012) High Pressure Experimental Constraints on Majorite Transformation of Chromium-Rich Garnets
Wijbrans I, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2011) The Garnet-Spinel Transition in Fertile and Depleted Mantle: Experimental Data, Thermodynamic Calculations and Implications for Magmatic Processes
Klemme S

(2011) The Influence of Melt Structure on the Partitioning of Trace Elements
Simon S, Wilke M, Klemme S, Caliebe WA & Kvashnina KO

(2009) Experimental Constraints on HFSE Partitioning and Ti Mobility in Saline Fluids
Rapp J, Klemme S & Scherer E

(2009) High Field Strength Element Mobility in Metamorphic Fluids
Klemme S & Rapp J

(2008) Experimental Constraints on the Behaviour of High Field Strength Elements in Melts and Fluids
Klemme S & Rapp J

(2008) Experimental Studies on Rutile Solubility
Rapp J, Klemme S & Harley S

(2008) Thermodynamic Modelling of Cr-Bearing Garnets in Diamond-Bearing Peridotites
Klemme S, Ivanic T, Connolly J & Harte B

(2006) Trace Element Partitioning Between Iron-Titanium Oxides And Silicate Melts With Implications For The Early Differentiation Of The Moon
Klemme S, Günther D, Hametner K, Prowatke S & Zack T

(2005) Trace Element Partitioning between Rutile and Melt with Implications for Element Transfer in Subduction Zones
Klemme S, Prowatke S, Hametner K & Günther D

(2004) Fluoride Melts in Subduction Zones: Occurrence, Origin and Implications for Mantle Metasomatism
Klemme S

(2003) Melt Compositional Controls on Trace Element Partitioning: An Experimental Study of Titanite/melt Partitioning
Prowatke S & Klemme S

(2002) Some Experimental Constraints on Major and Trace Element Partitioning during Partial Melting of Eclogite
Klemme S, Blundy JD & Wood BJ

(2000) Cr-Spinels in the Earth's Mantle: Thermodynamics and Phase Relations at High Pressures and High Temperatures
Klemme S & O'Neill H

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