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All abstracts by Robert Kerrich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Geochemical Fingerprint of an Oligocene to Miocene Arc Segment in Eastern Mindanao (Philippines)
Sonntag I, Kerrich R & Hagemann S

(2011) HIMU-Emi Type OIBs from the Neoarchean Penakacherla Greenstone Belt, Dharwar Craton, India: Implications on Recycling of Mesoarchean Crust
Manikyamba C & Kerrich R

(2011) Weathering Intensity in the Mesoproterozoic and Modern Large-River Systems: A Comparative Study in the Belt-Purcell Supergroup
Gonzalez-Alvarez I & Kerrich R

(2010) Archean Lithospheric Mantle: Plume-Arc Interaction
Kerrich R, Wyman D & Polat A

(2007) Geochemical Evidence for Extensive Carbonate Assimilation by CAMP Tholeiites from Algarve (S Portugal)
Martins L, Munhá J, Madeira J, Youbi N, Mata J & Kerrich R

(2007) Nb/Th Evolution of the Archean Mantle
Kerrich R & Polat A

(2007) Earth's Mantle Th/U and U/Pb Evolution in the Archean
Mata J, Kerrich R & Gonçalves M

(2005) A <+>15<$>N-Enriched Archean Atmosphere
Jia Y & Kerrich R

(2005) Geochemistry of First Cycle Volcanogenic Sedimentary Rocks from the Neoarchaean Sandur Superterrane, India
Chakravadhanula M, Kerrich R & Naqvi M

(2002) A 15N Enriched Archean Crust
Jia Y & Kerrich R

(2000) U-Th-Nb-La Systematics of Archaean Komatiites from the 2.7 Ga Abitibi Sub-Province: Implications for the Formation of Continental Crust and Lithosphere Recycling
Xie Q, Kerrich R & Fryer B

(2000) Nb/Ta Variation in Ocean Plateau Basalts, Archaean to Present: The Mantle as a Reservoir of Continental Crust
Kerrich R & Polat A

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