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All abstracts by Fabien Kenig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Early Sponges and Toxic Protists? Cryostane, a New Biomarker Antedating Sturtian Snowball Earth
Brocks J, Jarrett A, Sirantoine E, Kenig F, Moczyd┼éowska M & Porter S

(2009) Life in the Ice Cover and Underlying Cold Brines of Lake Vida, Antarctica
Murray A, Fritsen C, Kenig F, McKay C, McNight D, Cawley K & Doran P

(2007) Fractionation between Inorganic and Organic Carbon during the Lomagundi Carbon Isotope Excursion
Bekker A, Beukes N, Kenig F, Holmden C, Patterson W & Eglington B

(2002) Alkanes with a Quaternary Carbon Centre: A 2, 200 Myr. Record of Sulfide Oxidizing Bacteria
Kenig F, Simons D-J, Crich D, Cowen J, Ventura G & Brown T

(2002) Significance of Novel Branched Alkanes with Quaternary Carbon Centers in Black Shales
Simons D-J, Kenig F, Crich D & Schroder-Adams C

(2000) Molecular Fossil Constraints on the Water Column Structure of the Cenomanian-Turonian Western Interior Seaway, North America
Simons DH & Kenig F

(2000) Biomarker Constraints on Water Column Structure and Oceanographic Circulation in an Epeiric Sea (Callovian, Jurassic, North-Western Europe)
Kenig F, Simons DH & DiFrancesco G

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