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All abstracts by Miriam Kastner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Factors Controlling Pelagic Barite Distribution Across the Ocean Water Column: New Insights from the Great Calcite Belt
Martinez-Ruiz F, Paytan A, Lam PJ, Gonzalez-Muñoz MT, Jroundi F, Abad-Ortega MDM, Horner TJ & Kastner M

(2020) Role of Exopolymers in Pelagic Barite Precipitation in the Ocean
Martinez-Ruiz F, Paytan A, Gonzalez-Muñoz MT, Jroundi F, Abad MDM, Lam P, Horner T & Kastner M

(2019) Mechanisms of Pelagic Barite Precipitation
Martinez-Ruiz F, Paytan A, Gonzalez-Muñoz MT, Jroundi F, Abad MDM, Lam P, Bishop JKB, Horner TJ, Morton PL & Kastner M

(2016) Field and Experimental Investigations of Li behavior-Implications for Fluid Origin and Fluxes in SZ Forearcs
Kastner M, Solomon E, Romer R & Glodny J

(2015) Fluid and Solute Cycling and Fluxes in Subduction Zone Forearcs
Kastner M

(2012) Experimental and Field Studies of Li Cycling in Subduction Zones
Kastner M & Solomon E

(2009) What do Pore Fluid Profiles of Sulfate Indicate About Methane Fluxes and Amount of Gas Hydrates?
Kastner M, Claypool G, Torres M, Solomon E, Spivack A & Roberstson G

(2008) A Comparative Analysis of Gas Hydrates Occurrence and Origin in Three Indian Ocean Regions
Kastner M, Spivack A, Solomon E, Torres M & Robertson G

(2005) Chlorine Stable Isotopes in Two Subduction Zones: Nankai Trough and Mariana, and Implication for Fluid-Sediment Interactions and Fluid Flow
Wei W, Kastner M & Spivack A

(2004) Seawater Sulfur Isotope Fluctuations in the Cretaceous
Paytan A, Kastner M & Thiemens M

(2002) Geochemical Evidence for Enhanced Productivity and Paleoclimate Reconstruction during S1 Sapropel Deposition in the Mediterranean
Martinez-Ruiz F, Paytan A, Kastner M & Bernasconi S

(2000) Tropical Climate Characteristics of the Last Millennium as Revealed by Splicing Fossil Corals from the Central Pacific
Cobb K, Charles C, Kastner M, Edwards L & Cheng H

(2000) Three Distinct Fluid Systems at the Costa Rica Subduction Zone: Chemistry, Hydrology, and Fluxes
Kastner M, Morris J, Chan L, Saether O, Luckge A & Silver E

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