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All abstracts by Igor Kamensky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Significance of Baddeleyite for Plume Multimetal Deposits Originated on Continental and Oceanic Crust from AR to PZ Time (Fennoscandian Shield in the Arctic Region)
Bayanova T, Steshenko E, Serov P, Chaschin V, Korchagin A, Elizarov D & Kamensky I

(2016) Paleoproterozoic PGE-Layered Intrusions of the Arctic Region (the N-E Part of the Fennoscandian Shield): New Isotope-Geochemistry Data
Bayanova T, Serov P, Chachshin V, Kunakkuzin E, Steshenko K, Borisenko E, Mitrofanov A, Kamensky I & Elizarov D

(2009) Mantle and Crustal Helium in Ancient Mafic Rocks: Components, Sites and Mobilities
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Tarakanov S, Kramers J, Pekala M, Skiba V & Gannibal M

(2009) Tritium/3He Dating and Fast Changes of Groundwater Quality
Tokarev I, Kamensky I, Tolsrikhin I, Rumynin V & Zubkov A

(2007) Helium Isotope Signatures in Rocks, Minerals, and Related Groundwater: Residence Time of He in a Sandstone – Shale Interlayering (Molasse Basin, N. Switzerland)
Tolstikhin I, Waber N, Loosli HH, Kamensky I, Skiba VI & Novokov D

(2002) Residence Time of Helium Isotopes in Sediments and Related Groundwaters, Molasse Basin, Northern Switzerland
Tolstikhin I, Kamensky I, Gannibal M, Tarakanov S, Lehmann BE & Waber HN

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