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All abstracts by Frans Jorissen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) 500 Million Years of Foraminiferal Calcification
de Nooijer LJ, Pacho Sampedro L, Jorissen F, Pawlowski J, Rosenthal Y, Dissard D & Reichart G-J

(2023) Barium Incorporation of Benthic Foraminifera – High Resolution Proxy Calibration from the Natural Laboratory of the Northern Aegean Sea
Petersen J, Schleinkofer N, Raddatz J, Bahr A, Mojtahid M, Pross J, Jorissen F, Schmiedl G & Grunert P

(2021) The Contribution of the Foraminiferal Mg/Ca Ratio, Clumped and Conventional Stable Isotope Paleothermometers Combination for Palaeoceanographic Studies
Peral MY, Bassinot F, Daëron M, Blamart D, Bonnin J, Jorissen F, Kissel C, Michel E, Waelbroeck C, Rebaubier H & Gray WR

(2016) Impact of an in situ Acidification Experiment on Benthic Foraminifera Ecology and their Calcite Geochemistry
Vigier N, Barras C, Cox E, Gazeau F, Rollion-Bard C, Plihon M, Mahacek P, Kerros M-E, Parent B, Alliouane S, Jorissen F & Gattuso J-P

(2013) Use of Homogenized Sediment in Experimental Setup: Re-stabilization of Redox Fronts and Artifacts due to Sieving Methods
Nardelli MP, Metzger E, Barras C, Jorissen F & Geslin E

(2013) Artificially Induced Migration of Redox Layers in Adriatic Sediments
Metzger E, Langlet D, Viollier E, Koron N, Riedel B, Stachowitch M, Zuschin M, Faganeli J, Tharaud M, Geslin E & Jorissen F

(2012) Influence of Zostera Meadows on Geochemistry and Meiofauna of the Sediment of a Tidal Lagoon (Arcachon Basin): New Technical Approaches
Metzger E, Jezequel D, Geslin E, Cesbron F, Charrieau L, Delgard M-L, Deflandre B, Jorissen F & Anschutz P

(2009) New Mg/Ca Calibration of Benthic Foraminiferal Species: Mapping of the Tropical Thermocline Dynamics
Tisserand A, Dokken T, Scao V, Jorissen F, Fontanier C & Gherardi J-M

(2000) Interactions of Iron, Manganese and Nitrogen in Muddy Sediments of the Bay of Biscay
Hyacinthe C, Anschutz P, Carbonel P, Jouanneau J & Jorissen F

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