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All abstracts by Catherine Jeandel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) 3-Minute Videos to Learn About Marine Science!
Masferrer Dodas E, Jeandel C & Artis A

(2023) Barium Excess as Remineralization Proxy in the Southern Ocean – Indian Sector (SWINGS-Gs02)
Le Roy E, Jacquet S, Baudet C, Dufour A, Cardinal D, González-Santana D, Liao W-H, Hamelin B, Vorrath M-E, Piejus M, Jeandel C & Planquette H

(2023) Use of 223Ra and 224Ra as Chronometers to Estimate the Residence Time of Amazon Waters on the Brazilian Continental Shelf
van Beek P, Léon M, Scholten J, Moore WS, Souhaut M, DeOliveira J, Jeandel C, Seyler P & Jouanno J

(2023) Investigation of Hydrothermal Activity in the South West Indian Ridge Region Using Ra Isotopes and 227Ac as Tracers
Léon M, van Beek P, Sanial V, Baudet C, Charette MA, Souhaut M, Vivier F, Kestenare E, Jeandel C & Planquette H

(2023) REE Distributions in the Southern Indian Ocean with a Focus on Land-Ocean Inputs (SWINGS GEOTRACES Cruise)
Jeandel C, Belhadj Senini M, Lagarde M, Baudet C & Planquette H

(2023) Anthropogenic Dissolved Samarium and Gadolinium in the Van Uc River. Environmental Issue in the Estuary, Impact on the Gulf of Tonkin
Pham VQ, Lagarde M, Belhadj M, Ouillon S, Vu VD & Jeandel C

(2023) Rare Earth Element Partition Coefficients in the Subpolar North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise)
Lagarde M, Pham VQ, Lemaitre N, Belhadj Senini M & Jeandel C

(2023) DOoR – A Metadata Web-Based Portal that has Made a Difference in the Management of Geochemical Data
Jeandel C, André F, Masferrer Dodas E & Brissebrat G

(2022) The Iberian Margin: A Source of Dissolved Rare Earth Elements for the Subpolar North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise)
Jeandel C, Lagarde M, Pham V, Belhadj Senini M & Lherminier P

(2022) Dissolved and Particulate REE Distributions in the Tropical and Subtropical Indian Ocean (SWINGS Cruise)
Belhadj Senini M, Jeandel C, Lagarde M, Planquette H & Baudet C

(2022) Rare Earth Element Partition Coefficients in the North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise, GEOTRACES GA01)
Lagarde M, Pham V, Belhadj Senini M, Lherminier P & Jeandel C

(2022) Nickel and Zinc Cycling in the Southern Ocean: Insights from Isotopes
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Jeandel C, Ellwood M, Hassler C & Vance D

(2022) Radium Isotopes to Emphasize a Hydrothermal Plume in the South West Indian Ridge Region
Léon M, van Beek P, Sanial V, Souhaut M, Jeandel C & Planquette H

(2022) Trace Metal Distributions in the South West Indian Ocean (SWINGS Cruise): A Focus on Iron and Manganese
Baudet C, Planquette H, Bucciarelli E, Sarthou G, Pelleter E, Gayet N, Germain Y & Jeandel C

(2021) Global Continental and Marine Detrital εNd: An Updated Compilation for Use in Understanding Marine Nd Cycling
Robinson SM, Ivanovic R, van de Flierdt T, Blanchet CL, Tachikawa K, Martin E, Cook (Falco) C, Williams T, Gregoire L, Plancherel Y, Jeandel C & Arsouze T

(2020) Trace Element Budgets in Lake Baikal Question the Dominant Effect of Salinity in Estuarine Removal Processes
Suhrhoff TJ, Rickli J, Vologina EG, Pham V, Belhadj M, Sklyarov EV, Jeandel C & Vance D

(2019) Revisiting Lithogenic Land-Ocean Inputs
Jeandel C, Fabre S & Regard V

(2019) Rare Earth Elements Scavenging in the North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise)
Lagarde M, Lemaître N, Planquette H, Grenier M, Belhadj M, Pham V & Jeandel C

(2019) GEOTRACES: Inspired by GEOSECS to Investigate Trace Elements and their Isotopes in the Ocean
Anderson R, Francois R, Frank M, Henderson G, Jeandel C & Sharma M

(2018) Ocean Circulation and Land-Ocean Exchanges off the North Eastern Canadian Coasts as Told by Dissolved Geochemical Tracers
Grenier M, Francois R, Soon M, Baconnet I, Pham V & Jeandel C

(2018) Particulate Rare Earth Element Behavior in the North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise)
Lagarde M, Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Grenier M, Belhadj M & Jeandel C

(2017) Isotopic and Modelling Constraints on Experimental Dissolution of Lithogenic Material
Estrade N, Fabre S, Cloquet C, Probst A & Jeandel C

(2017) Distribution of Radium-226 along the GA01-GEOTRACES Section in the North Atlantic
Le Roy E, Sanial V, Charette MA, Henderson PB, Lacan F, GarcíaI-ibáñez MI, Pérez FF, Jacquet SHM, Lherminier P, Souhaut M, Jeandel C & van Beek P

(2017) Particulate Trace Element Export in the North Atlantic (GA01 Transect)
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Sarthou G, Bollinger C, Jeandel C, Castrillejo M & Planchon F

(2017) Clastic Coasts: An Overloocked Term of the Geochemical si Cycle
Fabre S, Zambardi T, Almar R, Roustan M & Jeandel C

(2017) Using Aluminum and Manganese to Constrain the Contribution of the Solomon Sea to the Equatorial Undercurrent Trace Metal Pool
Michael S, Resing J, Lacan F, Pradoux C & Jeandel C

(2016) Experimental Dissolution of Lithogenic Material into Freshwater and Seawater
Estrade N, Fabre S, Quitté G, Zambardi T, Yin N, Cloquet C, Probst A & Jeandel C

(2016) Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Nd Isotopes in the Ocean: A Review
Jeandel C

(2015) Comparison between Seawater and Archive Nd Isotope Compositions Using Multi-Scatter Plots: A New Global Data Compilation
Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gourlan A, Jeandel C, Lacan F, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Roy-Barman M & Waelbroeck C

(2015) Theme 02: Ocean Geochemistry, Present Conditions and Past Variation: Fluxes, Reservoirs and Processes
Jeandel C

(2015) Rare Earth Elements in the Coral and Solomon Seas (Pandora-GEOTRACES)
Pham V, Jeandel C, Leleu T, Grenier M, Rousseau T, Ganachaud A & Eldin G

(2015) Highlights from the GEOTRACES International Programme
Masferrer Dodas E, Bull A, Jeandel C, Henderson GM & Geotraces G

(2014) Experimental Investigation of Si Isotope Fractionation during Dissolution of River Suspended Particulate Matter into Seawater
Estrade N, Phung A, Weis D, François R & Jeandel C

(2013) Revisiting Land to Ocean Fluxes
Jeandel C & Oelkers E

(2013) A New Database for Nd Isotopes in Marine Environments
Lacan F, Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gherardi J, Gourlan A, Grousset F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Jeandel C, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Matthieu M & Waelbroeck C

(2013) Distribution of 230Th and 232Th along the Bonus GoodHope Section in the SouthEast Atlantic Ocean
Roy-Barman M, Marchandise S, Thil F, Bordier L, Ayrault S, Garcia-Solsane E & Jeandel C

(2011) Incongruent Dissolution of Volcanic Riverine Particulate Material in Seawater: Consequences for Global Element Cycling
Jones M, Pearce C, Jeandel C & Oelkers E

(2011) Sources and Input Mechanisms of Hafnium and Neodymium in Surface Waters of the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean
Stichel T, Frank M, Rickli J, Hathorne E, Haley B, Jeandel C & Pradoux C

(2009) Dissolved Iron Isotopes in the Southern and Equatorial Pacific Oceans
Radic A, Lacan F, Jeandel C, Poitrasson F & Sarthou G

(2009) Impact of the Boundary Processes on Si, Ca and Mg Inputs to the Ocean
Jeandel C, Godderis Y, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Lacan F & Arsouze T

(2009) Continental Sources of Nd to Seawater – Past and Present
Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Jeandel C & Arsouze T

(2008) Boundary Exchange Processes on and along the Kerguelen Plateau
Zhang Y, Jeandel C & Lacan F

(2008) Measurement of the Isotopic Composition of Dissolved Fe in Seawater
Lacan F, Radic A, Jeandel C, Pradoux C, Freydier R, Poitrasson F & Sartou G

(2008) Nd Isotopic Signatures of the Drake Strait Water Masses
Jeandel C, Pradoux K, Lacan F & Provost C

(2007) Estimates of Particle Fluxes and Boundary Scavenging in the Seawater Around the Kerguelen Plateau Using 230Thxs and 231Pa
Venchiarutti C, Jeandel C, Roy-Barman M & Freydier R

(2007) 226Radium Activities and 226Ra/Ba Ratios on the Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Ocean (KEOPS Project)
Bourquin M, van Beek P, Reyss J-L, Souhaut M, Jacquet S, Dehairs F, Charette M & Jeandel C

(2007) A Multiproxy Approach to Constrain the Origin of the Natural Fertilisation on the Kerguelen Plateau
Jeandel C, Bourquin M, Bowie A, Bucciarelli E, Chever F, Jacquet S, Lacan F, Sarthou G, van Beek P & Venchiarutti C

(2007) Extracting Sequentially Ra, Nd, Pa, Th and U from a Unique Natural Sample, on the Same Column
Pradoux C, Jeandel C, Venchiarutti C, Lacan F, Bourquin M, van Beek P & Riotte J

(2007) Lithogenic Inputs over the Kerguelen Plateau (Southern Ocean) Traced by the Dissolved REE Concentrations and Nd Isotopic Composition
Zhang Y, Lacan F & Jeandel C

(2002) Water Mass Pathways off the Argentine Coast Traced by REE Concentrations and Nd Isotopic Composition
Jeandel C, Lacan F, Henry F, Thouron D, Olivier L & Bénédicte M

Lacan F & Jeandel C

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