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All abstracts by Heather Jamieson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Mineralogical Controls on Arsenic Mobility and Bioaccessibility at Historical Gold Mines in Nova Scotia
Parsons M, Walker S, Jamieson H, Meunier L, Koch I & Reimer K

(2014) Controls on Uranium, Rare Earth Element, and Radionuclide Mobility at the Decommissioned Bicroft Uranium Mine, Ontario
Parsons M, Friske P, Laidlow A & Jamieson H

(2014) Multiple Methods of Characterizing Zn and Cd Secondary Minerals Associated with Mine Drainage from Keno Hill, Yukon, Canada
Jamieson H, Gault A, DeSisto S, Sherriff B, Johnson B & Harrington JM

(2014) Speciation of REE in Mine Tailings from the Nechalacho Deposit, NWT, Canada
Purdy C, Gault A, Kimball B & Jamieson H

(2012) Using Automated Mineralogy to Evaluate Bioaccessibility of Pb-Bearing Mine Waste
Buckwalter-Davis M, Jaggard H, Morman S, Plumlee G & Jamieson H

(2012) Mineralogical Controls on Arsenic Bioaccessibility in Mine Waste and Body Fluids
Jamieson H, Bromstad M, Morman S & Plumlee G

(2012) Impact of Remediation Design on Arsenic Leaching from Historic Gold Mine Tailings
DeSisto S, Parsons M, Kavalench J & Jamieson H

(2011) Characterization of Nanoparticulate Arsenic in Waters Draining Abandoned Gold Mine Tailings
Gault A, Parsons M & Jamieson H

(2008) Occurrence of (Na, K)2Zn3[Fe(CN)6]2×nH2O in Gold Heap Leach Mine Waste
Sidenko N, Cooper MA, Sherriff B & Jamieson H

(2008) Arsenic-Rich Airborne Particles Associated with Gold Mine Tailings: Particle Size, Mineralogy and Texture
Corriveau M, Jamieson H, Parsons M & Campbell JL

(2008) Solid-State Speciation of As and Sb Associated with Mine Waste and Downstream Sediment at the Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Canada
Fawcett SE, Jamieson HE & Walker SR

(2008) Characterization of Multiple Secondary Minerals in Arsenic-Rich Gold Mine Tailings
Jamieson H, Walker S, Parsons M & Hall G

(2006) Mineralogy and bioaccessibility of arsenic-bearing secondary phases in gold mine tailings
Jamieson H, Corriveau M, Parsons M, Koch I & Reimer K

(2006) Application of Synchrotron-based Micro-analysis to Mine Waste Mineralogy
Jamieson H, Walker S & Andrade C

(2005) Transformation of Arsenic Species in Solids and Porewaters from Yellowknife Bay, NWT, Canada
Andrade CF, Jamieson HE, Walker SR, Lanzirotti A, Praharaj T & Fortin D

(2000) Geochemistry of Rio Guadiamar Sediments Following the April 1998 Spanish Aznalcollar Mine Tailings Dam Failure and Subsequent Clean-Up
Hudson-Edwards KA, Macklin MG, Brewer P, Coulthard TJ, Howard AJ, Nielsen MF, Turner J, Jamieson HE & Remenda VH

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