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All abstracts by Jun-Ichiro Ishibashi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Comparison of Ore Formation Processes between VHMS Deposits and a Submarine Hydrothermal Ore Deposit in Okinawa Trough
Otake T, Ikeshima T, Sato T, Ishibashi J-I, Nozaki T, Kumagai H & Maeda L

(2018) Subseafloor Mineralization at the Izena Hole, Okinawa Trough from the Aspect of Drill Cores Obtain by the CK16-05 Cruise (Exp. 909)
Nozaki T, Takaya Y, Nagase T, Yamasaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Kumagai H, Maeda L & Cruise Members C-0

(2018) Pore Fluid Chemistry of Active Hydrothermal Fields in the Mid-Okinawa Trough
Ishibashi J-I, Toki T, Shinjo R, Nozaki T, Kumagai H & Maeda L

(2018) Pb Isotope Analysis of Galena in Seafloor Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits from the Mid-Okinawa Trough Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
Totsuka S, Ishibashi J-I, Nozaki T, Kimura J-I, Chang Q & Shimada K

(2016) Practical Class "Water Geochemistry" Composed of Fieldwork, Analysis and Lecture
Ishibashi J-I & Miyamoto T

(2016) Distribution of Ammonium-Bearing Clay Minerals and their δ15N Values Occurred in Shallow-Seafloor Hydrothermal System in Kagoshima Bay, Southern Kyushu, Japan
Jo J-G, Yamanaka T, Miyoshi Y, Ishibashi J-I, Kuwahara Y & Chiba H

(2016) Rapid Growth of Mineral Deposits at Artificial Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents
Nozaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Nagase T, Takaya Y, Kato Y, Kawagucci S, Watsuji T, Shibuya T, Yamada R, Saruhashi T, Kyo M & Takai K

(2016) Are Seafloor Massive Sulfides a Modern Analogue for VMS Deposits?
Ishibashi J-I

(2016) ESR Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Deposits, a New Dating Technique
Toyoda S, Fujiwara T, Uchida A & Ishibashi J-I

(2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of Hydrothermal Ores Collected from the Hatoma Knoll in the Southern Okinawa Trough
Totsuka S, Ishibashi J-I, Fujiwara T, Uchida A, Toyoda S & Nozaki T

(2016) Hydrothermal Fluids of the Okinawa Trough: Sr Isotopic Composition
Toki T, Shinjo R & Ishibashi J-I

(2016) The Influence of U, Th Mobility in Hydrothermal Fluids on U-Th Radioactive Disequilibrium Dating of Sulphide Minerals
Nakai S, Takamasa A, Yoshizumi R, Urabe T, Fujiwara T, Toyoda S & Ishibashi J

(2016) Radioactive Disequilibrium and ESR Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Deposits of the Okinawa Trough
Fujiwara T, Toyoda S, Uchida A, Ishibashi J-I, Totsuka S, Shimada K & Nakai S

(2015) Fluid Geochemistry of Vent Fields at Submarine Arc Volcanoes in the Izu-Bonin Arc
Ishibashi J-I, Ebina N, Tsutsumi S & Kawagucci S

(2014) ESR, 226Ra-210Pb and 228Ra-228Th Dating of Barite in Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Sulfide Deposits in the Okinawa Trough
Fujiwara T, Toyoda S, Uchida A, Ishibashi J-I, Nakai S & Takamasa A

(2014) Dating Hydrothermal Minerals in Active Hydrothermal Fields in the Southern Mariana Trough
Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Sato F, Toyoda S, Takamasa A, Nakai S & Kumagai H

(2012) Hydrochemical Analyses to Evaluate Groundwater System in Horonobe Area, Hokkaido, Japan
Seguchi M, Ohoka M, Nakamura M, Ichikawa Y, Sakai R, Munakata M & Ishibashi J-I

(2011) Dating of Submarine Hydrothermal Deposits by ESR and U-Series Methods
Toyoda S, Sato F, Nakai S, Takamasa A & Ishibashi J

(2010) Helium and Carbon Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids on the Southern East Pacific Rise at 11-32 ˚S
Hamasaki H, Ishibashi J-I, Ueno Y, Lupton J & Ohmoto H

(2009) Geochemistry and Hydrogeology of a Marine Shallow-Water Hydrothermal System at the Wakamiko Submarine Crater, Japan
Yamanaka T, Maeto K, Chiba H, Hirao S, Matsukura S & Ishibashi J-I

(2009) Fluid Geochemistry of the Suiyo Hydrothermal Field at the Izu-Bonin Arc Submarine Volcano
Ishibashi J-I, Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Toki T, Teranishi G, Obata H & Gamo T

(2009) Hydrothermal Systems of Intraoceanic Arcs
de Ronde C, Baker E, Embley R, John L, Butterfield D, Faure K, Leybourne M, Chadwick W, Ishibashi J, Reising J, Walker S, Merle S & Greene R

(2009) Fluid-Sediment Interactions in a Marine Shallow-Water Hydrothermal System at the Wakamiko Submarine Crater, Japan
Miyoshi Y, Ishibashi J-I, Matsukura S, Kuwahara Y, Omura A, Maeto K, Chiba H & Yamanaka T

(2009) VFAs Concentrations in the Hydrothermal Fluids Venting from the Sediment-Hosted Hydrothermal System in the Wakamiko Submarine Crater, Japan
Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Maeto K, Chiba H, Matsukura S & Ishibashi J-I

(2008) Unique Shallow-Water Hydrothermal System Associated with Submarine Volcanism in the Aira Caldera, South Kyushu, Japan
Yamanaka T, Maeto K, Akashi H, Yokoyama M, Chiba H, Ishibashi J-I, Nakaseama M, Okamura K, Sugiyama T & Fujino K

(2008) Subseafloor Phase Separation and Fluid Migration Supports Calyptogena Colony in the Marginal Region of a Hydrothermal Field
Ishibashi J-I, Suzuki R, Hamasaki H, Yamanaka T, Chiba H, Ijiri A, Tsunogai U, Nakagawa S, Nunoura T & Takai K

(2008) Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Hydrothermal Fluids and the Associated Water Samples Obtained from Arc-Backarc Systems
Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Ishibashi J-I, Sunamura M, Kimura H, Toki T, Nakagawa S & Takai K

(2007) Anomalously Low D/H Ratio of H2 Gas from High Temperature Hydrothermal Fluids in the Mariana Trough
Kawagucci S, Toki T, Ito M, Oomori T, Ishibashi J-I, Masuda H, Takai K & Gamo T

(2006) Seafloor hydrothermal activity at off-axial seamounts of backarc spreading in southern Mariana Trough
Ishibashi J-I, Suzuki R, Yamanaka T, Toki T, Kimura H, Noguchi T & Urabe T

(2002) Tungsten and Molybdenum in Hydrothermal Fluids of the Izu-Bonin Arc and the Okinawa Trough
Sohrin Y, Kishida K, Okamura K & Ishibashi J-I

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