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All abstracts by Soon Do Hur in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Ultra-Sensitive Determination of Femtogram Quantities of Osmium Isotopes in Greenland Snow Samples
Shin D, Han C, Seo J-H, Sharma M, Hur SD & Hong S

(2019) Spatial and Seasonal Characteristics of Ions and Trace Elements Concentration in a Snow of Antarctica
Hur SD, Hong S & Hwang H

(2017) Strontium Isotopic Imprint of Saharan Dust during the Last Glacial Maximum in the NEEM Ice Core, Greenland
Han C, Han Y, Lee K, Chung J, Shin D, Lee S, Hur SD & Hong S

(2017) Seasonal Variations in Atmospheric Platinum Group Elements at Ieodo Ocean Research Station in the East China Sea
Shin D, Lee K, Han C, Lee S, Byun DS, Hur SD & Hong S

(2017) Optimized Determination of 17O-Excess in Antarctic Snow Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Han Y, Kim S, Lee J & Hur SD

(2017) Dust Flux Variations in Last 800, 000 Years: Changes of Platinum Group Elements and Pb Isotopic Compositions at Dome C EPICA Ice Cores, Antarctica
Hur SD, Soyol-Erdene T-S, Han CH, Hong S, Hwang HJ, Burn-Nunes LJ, Gabrielli P, Barbante C & Boutron CF

(2015) Isotopic Composition (δ18O, δ17O and δD) of a Fumarolic Ice Tower at Mt. Melbourne Volcano, Antarctica
Han Y, Lee JI, Hur SD, Ham J-Y, Kim S & Lee J

(2015) Changes in Lead Isotopic Compositions over the Past 30, 000 Years in NEEM Deep Ice Core from Greenland
Hong S, Han C, Han Y & Hur SD

(2015) Ultrasensitive Determination of Lead Isotopes at the Sub-Picogram per Gram Level in NEEM Ice Core from Greenland by Thermal Isonization Mass Spectrometry
Han C, Burn-Nunes LJ, Lee K, Chang C, Kang J-H, Han Y, Hur SD & Hong S

(2012) Seasonal and Interannual Change in Mercury Sequestration at Dome Fuji, Antarctica
Han Y, Huh Y, Hong S, Hur SD & Motoyama H

(2011) Spatio-Temporal Variation of Total Mercury Concentrations in Antarctic Snowpack
Han Y, Huh Y, Hong S, Hur SD & Motoyama H

(2011) A 50-Year Record of PGEs in Antarctic Snow
Soyol-Erdene T-O, Huh Y, Hong S & Hur SD

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