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All abstracts by Christian Hensen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Spatial and Temporal Trends of Iron and Iron Isotope Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
Scholz F, Hensen C, Severmann S, Noffke A, Haley B, McManus J, Schneider R & Wallmann K

(2012) A Bottom-Up Perspective on N nd P Cycling in Low Oxygen Environments: The Baltic Sea Versus the Peruvian Shelf
Dale A, Bohlen L, Noffke A, Sommer S, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2011) Paired Sr Isotope (87Sr/86Sr, δ88/86Sr) Systematic of Pore Water Profiles: A New Perspective in Marine Weathering and Seepage Studies
Liebetrau V, Haeckel M, Eisenhauer A, Scholz F, Hensen C & Reitz A

(2011) Geochemical Evidence of Mud Volcano Activity in the West Alboran Sea
Lopez-Rodriguez C, Martinez-Ruiz F, Comas M, Hensen C, Piñero E, Böttcher M, Dellwig O & Lenz C

(2009) Prediction of Sub-Seafloor Gas Hydrate Inventories by Empirical Relationships
Marquardt M, Hensen C, Henke T, Müller C & Wallmann K

(2009) Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer for Diagenetic Processes in Deep Subsurface Sediments
Scholz F, Hensen C, Meixner A, Reitz A, Haeckel M, Romer RL, De Lange GJ & Wallmann K

(2009) Multi-Isotope Investigation to Identify General Characteristics of Different Cold Vent Systems
Reitz A, Liebetrau V, Scholz F, Hensen C, Wallmann K, Haeckel M & Weise SM

(2008) Numerical Modeling of Ca-Enrichment on Authigenic Carbonate Formation at Mud Volcanoes: A Case Study off Costa Rica
Karaca D, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2007) Origin of Brines in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Reitz A, Haeckel M, Wallmann K, Hensen C & Heeschen K

(2007) Geochemistry of Cold Vent Fluids at the Central American Convergent Margin
Hensen C, Wallmann K, Schmidt M, Liebetrau V, Fehn U, Garbe-Schönberg D & Brückmann W

(2007) Effects of Calcium Fluxes on Authigenic Carbonate Formation at Mud Volcanoes off Costa Rica
Karaca D, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2004) Iron Diagenesis within and Below the Zone of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Riedinger N, Pfeifer K, Kasten S, Garming J, Vogt C & Hensen C

(2000) Interpretation of Pore Water Profiles Affected by Intense Lateral Sediment Advection: Examples from the Argentinean and Uruguayan Continental Slope
Hensen C, Schulz HD, Pfeifer K, Zabel M & Kasten S

(2000) Modeling of Subsurface Calcite Dissolution Regarding Respiration and Re-oxidation Processes in the Equatorial Upwelling off Gabon
Pfeifer K, Wenzhöfer F, Hensen C, Strotmann B, Adler M & Schulz HD

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