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All abstracts by Robert M. Hazen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Precambrian Paleomineralogy: The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable
Hazen RM

(2017) Ecology and Evolution of Manganese Minerals: Implications for the Redox History of Earth and Life
Hummer D, Hazen R, Eleish A, Liu C, Morrison S, Downs R, Golden J, Pires A, Hystad G & Meyer M

(2017) Network Analysis Applications: Exploring Geosphere and Biosphere Co-evolution with Big Data Techniques
Morrison SM, Eleish A, Liu C, Hummer DR, Giovannelli D, Meyer MB, Fox P, Downs RT, Golden JJ, Pires A, Hystad G, Ralph J & Hazen RM

(2017) Carbon Mineral Network Analysis: A Big Data Geobiology Study
Hazen R, Eleish A, Liu C, Morrison S, Meyer M, Fox P, Hummer D, Downs R, Golden J, Pires A, Hystad G & Ralph J

(2015) Aspartate Transformation Under Hydrothermal Conditions with Brucite [Mg(OH)2]
Estrada C, Mamajanov I, Hao J, Sverjensky D, Cody G & Hazen R

(2015) Advanced Instrumentation for Probing Carbon in Earth
Schiffries C, Hazen R, Hemley R & Mangum A

(2015) Equilibrium Chromium Isotopic Fractionation as Functions of Redox and pH on the Early Earth
Hao J, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2015) Adsorption of Ribonucleotides onto Aluminum and Iron Oxides
Feuillie C, Pedrot M, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2015) Mineral Ecology of Carbon: Prediction of "Missing" Minerals
Hazen RM, Hystad G, Downs RT & Golden J

(2015) Mineral Record of Crustal Evolution: The Roles of Episodic Mineralization and Preservational Bias
Hazen RM, Liu X-M, Grew ES, Downs RT & Golden J

(2014) Trace Element Proxies for Oceanic and Atmospheric Chemical Evolution: Deep-Time, Data-Driven Discovery
Hazen RM, Liu X, Sverjensky DA, Downs RT, Golden J & Kah L

(2014) Trace Elements in Carbonates as Tracers of Earth’s O2 Evolution?
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Kah L & Sverjensky D

(2014) Boron Isotopes in Tourmaline from the 3.7-3.8 Ga Isua Belt, Greenland: Implications for B Concentrations in Eoarchean Continental Crust
Grew E, Dymek R, De Hoog J, Harley S, Hazen R & Yates M

(2014) Selective Adsorption of L-Aspartate onto [Mg(OH)2] Brucite with Ca2+
Estrada C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2014) Limits on the Partial Pressure of H2 in the Archean Atmosphere during Weathering of Basaltic Minerals
Hao J, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2013) Earth's Carbon Through Deep Time
Hazen RM

(2013) Paleomineralogy of the Hadean Eon
Hazen RM

(2013) A Mineralogical Record of Metallogeny Associated with Supercontinent Assembly
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, Hystad G & Sverjensky D

(2013) Cooperative and Competitive Adsorption of Amino Acids with Ca2+ on Rutile
Lee N, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2013) Adsorption and Surface Complexation Study of Nucleotides on Aluminum Oxide Surfaces
Feuillie C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2013) Attachment of Aspartic Acid at the Brucite [Mg(OH)<sub>2</sub>]-Water Interface
Estrada C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2012) Calcium-(bi)carbonate Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions: A High-Accuracy Titration-Based Study
Villegas-Jimenez A, Hazen R & Sverjensky D

(2012) Probing the Interactions between Glutamic Acid and Diopside
Estrada CF, Chen EH, Geiger FM, Sverjensky DA & Hazen RM

(2012) Prebiotic Selection of D-Ribose on Mineral Surfaces
Klochko K, Hazen R, Sverjensky D & Cody G

(2012) Experimental Evidence that Redox State Influences Amino Acid Stability Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Lee N, Foustoukos D, Sverjensky D, Cody G & Hazen R

(2012) What Minerals Were Present at Life's Origins?
Hazen R

(2012) Mercury Isotopes in the Precambrian
Bergquist BA, Ghosh S, Ono S, Hazen RM, Sverjensky D, Papineau D, Kah LC & Joel B

(2011) Revealing the Hidden Signature of Biomacromolecules in Ancient Organic Fossils
Cody G, Hazen R, Gupta S & Kilcoyne D

(2011) The Stability of Amino Acids Under Redox-Constrained Hydrothermal Conditions
Lee N, Foustoukos D, Sverjensky D, Cleaves HJ, Klochko K & Hazen R

(2011) The Role of Mineral Surface Chemistry in the Prebiotic Selection of Pentose Sugars
Klochko K, Sverjensky D, Hazen RM & Cleaves HJ

(2011) Surface Structures on Rutile Guide Organic Molecule Attachment
Livi K, Schaffer B, Azzolini D, Hardcastle T, Seabourne C, Scott A, Sverjensky D, Hazen R & Brydson R

(2011) Surface Complexation Evidence that Amino Acids Prefer Special Sites on Oxide Surfaces
Sverjensky D, Hazen R, Azzolini D, Lee N & Klochko K

(2011) Novel Insights into the Ion Sorption Properties of Calcite in Aqueous Solutions Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Villegas-Jimenez A, Hazen R & Sverjensky D

(2011) Mineral Evolution: What's New?
Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, McMillan M, Ralph J & Sverjensky D

(2010) Attachment of Acidic Amino Acids to Mineral Surfaces: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry
Sverjensky D, Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Estrada C, Lee N, Klochko K, Cleaves J, Hazen R, Parikh S, Kubicki J & Sparks D

(2010) Clay Mineral Evolution
Hazen R, Bish D, Elmore S & Sverjensky D

(2010) Montmorillonite Catalysis and Potential of Charge Density in Proposing the Target Sites on Mars for Search of Organics
Ertem G, Schuhmann R, Steudel A, Emmerich K & Hazen R

(2010) Adsorption of Amino Acids on Oxide Surfaces as a Function of Environmental Conditions
Lee N, Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Ohara S, Cody G, Klochko K, Cleaves JH, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2010) U and Th Mineral Evolution
Hazen R, Ewing R & Sverjensky D

(2010) Unanswered Questions in Deep Carbon Science
Hemley R, Bertka C & Hazen R

(2008) The Interactions of Nucleic Acid Components with Rutile Surfaces
Cleaves HJ, Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2008) Surface Speciation of Aspartate and Glutamate on Titanium Dioxide
Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Sverjensky D, Cleaves HJ, Hazen R & Cody G

(2008) Glutamate Surface Speciation on Amorphous Titanium Dioxide and Hydrous Ferric Oxide
Sverjensky DA, Jonsson CM, Jonsson CL, Cleaves HJ & Hazen RM

(2008) Mineralogical Coevolution of the Geo- and Biospheres
Hazen R, Papineau D, Bleeker W, Downs R, Ferry J, McCoy T, Sverjensky D & Yang H

(2008) Oxidation State during Weathering on the Early Earth
Lee N, Sverjensky DA & Hazen RM

(2002) Abiotic Carbon Fixation Promoted by Transition Metal Sulfides Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Cody G, Boctor N, Brandes J, Filley T, Hazen R & Yoder Jr H

(2001) Hydrothermal Origins of Biochemical Organosynthesis: A Red Herring or the Geochemical Roots of Life?
Cody GD, Boctor NZ, Hazen RM, Scott JH, Sharma A & Yoder HS

(2001) Experimental Determination of Phase Equilibria in the System H2O-CO2 at High Pressure and Temperature with Implications on the Presence of Organic Phases
Sharma A, McAdam A, Hemley RJ, Cody GD, Hazen RM & Chou I-M

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