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All abstracts by Jens Hartmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Distribution and Formation of Highly Saline Water in the Northwest Plain of AsO Caldera, South Japan
Okamura K, Hosono T, Romero-Mujalli G, Amann T & Hartmann J

(2018) Long-Term Solid Earth Degassing, Weathering Intensity and the Carbon Cycle
Hartmann J, Li G & West AJ

(2018) Seasonal Variations of Dissolved Ge:Si Ratios in Streams from the AsO Caldera, Kyùshù, Japan
Gaspard F, Opfergelt S, Hartmann J, Hosono T & Delmelle P

(2017) Coupled 18O-Hf-U/Pb in Zircons as Evidence for Archean to Proterozoic Continental Weathering Conditions
Hartmann J, Li G & West AJ

(2017) Weathering Reactivity of Young Basaltic Areas and Global Implications
Börker J, Romero-Mujalli G, Li G & Hartmann J

(2017) Weathering Depletion of Continental Crust Constrained by the Carbon Cycle
Li G, Hartmann J, West J, Becker T & Chen J

(2017) Geochemical Characteristics of New Spring Water Occurred after the Kumamoto Earthquake
Hosono T, Hashimoto M, Hartmann J, Louvat P, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Washington K, West J, Okumura A, Ide K, Sato T & Takahashi H

(2017) Temperature and CO2 Dependency of Global Carbonate Weathering Fluxes
Romero Mujalli G, Hartmann J, Goddéris Y, Börker J, Gaillardet J & Calmels D

(2017) Global Carbon Cycle Feedbacks of Glacial Weathering
Moosdorf N, Torres MA, Hartmann J, Adkins JF & West AJ

(2016) Glacial Weathering, Sulfide Oxidation, and the Geologic Evolution of CO2
West AJ, Torres M, Moosdorf N & Hartmann J

(2016) Air-Water CO2 Exchange in Continental and Coastal Systems – Regional and Global Budgets
Lauerwald R, Laruelle G, Hastie A, Landschützer P, Weyhenmeyer G, Sobek S, Hartmann J, Ciais P, Gruber N & Regnier P

(2016) River Hydrochemical Information for Multi-Scale-Analysis
Hartmann J, Lauerwald R & Moosdorf N

(2016) Behaviour of Boron Isotopes in the Streams and Springs of AsO Caldera, Kyushu, Japan
Louvat P, Hartmann J, Hosono T, Kiyoshi I, Bouchez J & Gaillardet J

(2016) Dissolved Lithium Flux and Isotopic Composition from Weathering of an Active Volcanic System, AsO Caldera, Japan
Washington KE, West AJ, Adkins J, Paris G, Hosono T, Ide K, Boettcher M, Amann T & Hartmann J

(2015) Spatial Patterns in CO2 Evasion from the Global River Network
Lauerwald R, Laruelle G, Hartmann J, Ciais P & Regnier P

(2015) Enhanced Weathering & The Role of Plants: Results from the Antwerp Experiment
Hartmann J, Struyf E, Amann T, Schoelynck J, Meire P & Fischer E

(2015) Carbon Fluxes in the Land to Ocean Continuum: Updated Synthesis and Implications for the Anthropogenic CO2 Budget
Regnier P, Laruelle G, Lauerwald R, Landschützer P, Cai W-J, Ciais P, Friedlingstein P, Gruber N, Hartmann J & Mackenzie F

(2014) A Geostatistical Framework to Predict Strontium Isotopes Variations in Bedrock and Rivers
Bataille C, Brennan S, Hartmann J, Wooler M, Bowen G & Moosdorf N

(2013) Insights into Glacial Weathering from a New Hydrochemical Database from 95 Glaciated Catchments
Moosdorf N, Hartmann J & West JA

(2013) Arsenic in Surface Sediments of a Harbor Sludge Dumping Site and a Natural Deposition Site in the Helgoland Mud Area, North Sea
Hartmann JF, Kasten S, Krengel T & Isenbeck-Schröter M

(2012) Steps Towards a Global Chemical Weathering Model Framework: The Role of Erosion and Supply Limitation
Hartmann J, Moosdorf N, Lauerwald R, West J, Cohen S & Kettner A

(2012) Trends in Solute Fluxes Across a 3.8 km Elevation Transection from Narayani River System in Central Himalaya
Bhatt M & Hartmann J

(2012) Multi-Scale Segmentation of Global Continental and Coastal Waters: Typological Analysis and Application to the Carbon Budget
Duerr H, Laruelle G, Lauerwald R, Hartmann J, Regnier P & Slomp C

(2011) Influence of Soil Shielding on Local to Global Chemical Weathering Rates
Hartmann J, Moosdorf N & Lauerwald R

(2011) Enhanced Weathering – Not Only CO2-Consumption
Hartmann J, Köhler P & Wolf-Gladrow D

(2011) New Approaches to Analyze the Preferential Loss of Elements from the Continental Crust
Hartmann J & Moosdorf N

(2011) The Lower Regolith Boundary Revisited in Unmatched Detail with a New Global Lithological Map
Moosdorf N, Hartmann J & Lauerwald R

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