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All abstracts by Khalil Hanna in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Selenite and Strontium Breakthrough in a Column of Goethite Coated Sand: Experiments and Modelling
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Marsac R, Hanna K, Finck N, Liu C & L├╝tzenkirchen J

(2019) Sorptive Fractionation of Natural Organic Matter and its Impact on Contaminants Transport Under Flow-Through Conditions
Marsac R, Cheng W, Leblay C, Pierson-Wickmann A-C, Dia A & Hanna K

(2017) Adsorption of Antibiotics onto Mixtures of Goethite and Manganese Oxide
Kamagate M, Marsac R, Assadi A, Giraudet S, Coulibaly L & Hanna K

(2012) Biomineralization and Fate of the FeII-Feiii Hydroxy Salt Green Rust vs. Magnetite
Jorand F, Zegeye A, Sergent A-S, Remy P-P, Lartiges B & Hanna K

(2012) Reactivity of Chemically Synthesized Versus Biomineralized FeII-Feiii Green Rusts with Both Organic and Inorganic Pollutants
Remy P-P, Hazotte A, Sergent A-S, Hanna K & Jorand F

(2011) Biomineralization of FeII-FeIII Green Rust in ╬│-FeOOH Coated Sand Column Under Saturated Flow Conditions
Sergent A-S, Hanna K, Remy P-P & Jorand F

(2010) Biomineralization of Fe<sup>II</sup>-Fe<sup>III</sup> Species in Porous Heterogeneous Medium of Sand/Iron Oxyhydroxide/Bacteria
Sergent A-S, Jorand F & Hanna K

(2010) Magnetite Formation via FeII Induced Mineralogical Transformations of Ferric Oxyhydroxides
Usman M, Hanna K, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C

(2008) Reactive Transport of Salicylate in a Goethite-Coated Sand Column
Rusch B, Hanna K & Humbert B

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