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All abstracts by Run-Sheng Han in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) The Differences of Fluid Inclusions between Ore Minerals and Gangue Minerals of Huize Lead-Zinc Deposit, Yunnan Province, China
Li B, Han R, Gu X, Wen S & Sheng R

(2011) Pb, C, H, O and S Isotope Geochemistry of the Maoping Carbonate-Hosted Pb-Zn(-Ag-Ge) Deposit in Northeast Yunnan Province, China
Yang G, Zhang Y, Han R & Wu P

(2011) Tectono-Geochemistry Exploration and the Ore-Finding Discovery – A Case Study of the Zhaotong Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China
Han R-S, Wang X-K & Wang F

(2011) Geochemical Anomaly Pattern in the Haojiahe Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P, Han R-S & Li J

(2011) Geochemical Characteristics and Geological Significance of the Basic Intrusive Rocks in Shifengshan Copper Deposit, Yimen, Yunnan, China
Huang J-G, Han R-S & Wang L

(2011) Trace Elements and REE Geochemistry of Copper-Bearing Sandstone in the Middle Submember of the Liuju Member of the Upper Cretaceous Matoushan Formation, Yunnan, China
Li J, Han R & Wu P

(2011) Studying on Tectono-Geochemistry and Rock Ore Specimens Appraisal of Bangwei Copper Mine
Pan P, Han R-S & Chang H

(2011) Geochemistry and Metallogenesis of Fluid in Liuju Sandstone-Bound Copper Deposit, Dayao, Yunnan, China
Zou H, Han R, Yao Z & Liu M

(2011) The Geochemistry of Fluid Inclusions in Yimen Sanjiachang Copper Deposits
Wang L, Han R-S, Tang G, Hu Y-D & Huang J-G

(2011) Fluid Inclusion Study of Haojiahe Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan Province, China
Wu H-Z, Han R-S & Wu P

(2011) Basin Evolution, Lithofacies Palaeogeography and Manganese Mineralization in Heqing Basin, Yunnan Province, Southwest of China
Wen X-P, Han R-S & Yang X-F

(2010) Application of Irregular Soil Geochemistry Survey Side of Gully to Prospect in the Puqing Antimony -Gold Exploration Area Deposit, Guizhou, China
Diao L, Han R, Pang L & Wang L

(2010) The Geochemistry Identifier of Ore-Type and Non-Ore-Type Diapir in Yimen Fengshan Copper Deposit
Wang L, Han R, Li B & Diao L

(2010) Genesis of the Huize Zinc-Lead Deposit from an Infrared Microthermometric Study of Fluid Inclusions in Sphalerite, Yunnan, China
Han R, Li B & Ni P

(2010) Geochemistry Feature of F10 Fault and Ore Prospecting in Fengshan Copper Deposit, Yimen, Yunnan, China
Huang J, Han R & Wang L

(2010) The Carlin Type Gold Deposits and its Geochemistry of Ore-Forming Fluid in Dian, Qian, Gui Provinces
Jun F & Han R

(2010) Trace Elements and REE Geochemistry of Liuju Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P, Han R & Li J

(2010) Huanglong Group Limestone Geochemical Constraints on the Formation of Bauxite in Xinmin, Northwest Guizhou Province, China
Xiao X, Wu G & Han R

(2010) Study on Ore-Forming Materials Source of Bauxite in Northern Guizhou Province, China
Xiang X, Han R, Jin Z & Wu G

(2010) Hyperspectral Mapping of Mineral Assemblages Using Spectral Unmixing
Wen X, Han R & Yang X

(2009) Geochemical Info of Trace Elements for the Ore-Forming Process of Ore-Body 59 in the Shifengshan Copper Deposit, Yimen, Yunnan, China
Zou H, Han R & Yao Z

(2009) Isotope Geochemical Evidences for Sources of Ore Fluid in Carbonate-Hosted Zn-Pb-(Ag-Ge) Metallogenic District, Northeast Yunnan, China
Han R-S & Hu B

(2009) Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Bayin Copper Deposit in Xinjiang, China
Xu G-D & Han R-S

(2009) Tectono-Geochemistry Anomaly Horizontal Zoning Features of 59# Orebody in the Yimen Fengshan Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wang L, Han R-S, Huang J-G, Li B & Hu Y-D

(2009) Geochemical Evidence for Tectonic Setting of the Langjiexue Group in Langxian County, Tibet, China
Huang J-G, Han R-S & Li B

(2009) Geochemistry of Fault Tectonites Based on STATISTICA Software in the Songliang Lead-Zinc Deposit, Yunnan, China
Li B, Han R-S, Zhong K-H & Wang L

(2009) Integration of Geologic, Geophysical, Geochemical and Remotely Sensed Datasets for Mineral Exploration in Pulang Porphyry Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wen X-P & Han R-S

(2008) Major Deposit Types and Origin of Yimen-Type Copper Deposits, Centre Yunnan, China
Han R-S, Zou H-J & Liu C-Q

(2008) Deposit Genesis of Ore-Forming System in the Tongchang Cu-Au Polymetallic Ore-Field, Shaanxi, China
Han R-S, Zou H-J & Hu Y-Z

(2008) 3D Geochemical Anomalous Model in the Liuju Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P & Han R-S

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